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SimplyGala’s Wholesome & Delicious Syrups

SimplyGala’s Wholesome & Delicious Syrups


For a long time I have been on the hunt for a homemade, non-high fructose, non-artificial syrup flavoring. Something I can use in mixed drinks, coffee, even baking or desserts. As the world seems to be gradually heightening our awareness of the heavy importance of what we put into our bodies, I am seeing more and more people around me looking to convert food products they use to healthier versions. But how do we do that without giving up fun and delicious flavors??

Enter SimplyGala.

SimplyGala has an incredible selection of syrups made using simple, fresh, organic (when available), quality ingredients.

Grenadine made from California pomegranates, vanilla syrup made from Madagascar vanilla beans, Hibiscus syrup made from California grown hibiscus flowers… 

Their list of ingredients are a beautiful medley of wholesome and delicious.

Our Maturing Mama Kyler tried their coffee syrup set. Here is what she had to say:

“I received a wonderful syrup set from SimplyGala with their vanilla, cinnamon, and hibiscus. The packaging was beautiful with great quality glass bottles, and they came with a sweet handwritten note. I was so excited to give them a try!

I must add a disclaimer that I am not a fan of sweet. I like a bit, but not much. My husband on the other hand has a sweet mouth, not just one sweet tooth! So I figured if they were too sweet for me at least he would be able to use them.

Before mixing them into anything, I decided to try tasting the syrup by itself just to get an idea what I was working with. I could have drank this magical concoction straight from the bottle! It was not overly sweet in any way and did not have that horrible artificial taste I have come to expect from flavored syrups. They are so perfectly balanced.

We use flavored creamer in our morning coffee, which I have tried hard to find a replacement for because of all the junk those creamers have in them. Since getting these syrups, we have been mixing a little of it with a bit of milk and our coffee is so delicious. I love that these syrups each have three ingredients. Cane sugar, water, and the flavor. That is it.

Absolutely addicted now to these delicious syrups.”

Head over to SimplyGala to browse through all of their incredibly yummy flavors. Use code “maturingmama” for 15% off any order of $25 or more!

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