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The Onset of Wrinkles & Common Causes with LOLA Collective

The Onset of Wrinkles & Common Causes with LOLA Collective

Tech Neck… A common cause of wrinkles that I had no idea about. Here I am going about my merry way thinking, “Black don’t crack! I’ll be wrinkle free till I’m atleast 70″. But then everytime I’m working out while looking at myself in the mirror I’m thinking, are those lines on my neck fat folds? Why is it not going away after all this weight I’ve lost?!”

But nope! It’s definitely Tech Neck. I know it for a fact because I run Maturing Mama off my phone. Literally everything I do for Maturing Mama Magazine- even the magazine layout, is all on my phone. That’s Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and sometimes I leisurely spend time on my phone after work hours. (Yes I do have a laptop, but it’s easier to multitask while working on my phone- I am a mompreneur after all!)

I spend so much time looking down at my phone that my upper back and neck ache at the end of the day.

So… I guess the moral of the story is black does crack and I am in great need of the proper formula for this.

I’m so happy to have found LOLA Collective. A skin care brand with wrinkles as it’s prime focus. Founder of LOLA Collective, Shawna Haider and her biochemist husband, are educated on all things wrinkles. From common causes to most effective skin care regimens- this is a skin care brand that prioritizes the fine details, (pun intended).

Here is a LOLA Collective representative to tell us more:

1. What are common causes of wrinkles that most women wouldn’t know of?

I’d say the one that stands out the most in today’s world would be “Tech Neck.”  Constantly looking down at your phone or other technology can cause fine lines, chest wrinkles and even deep creases in your neck. 

To avoid this, try holding your device up to eye level when you use it instead of looking down.  For myself, just being aware of Tech Neck has caused me to greatly reduce the amount of time I spend looking ‘down’ at my phone ????

Another often forgotten culprit of neck and chest wrinkles is side sleeping. Side sleeping causes the décolleté area to crease and fold for an extended period of time while you sleep.  Over time those creases and folds become how the skin naturally looks. 

Try to sleep on your back to avoid this. There are pillows that help facilitate sleeping on your back but it’s hard to do if you have always slept on your side.  That’s what Lola products are for, to help reduce those side sleeping fine lines and wrinkles!

2. You have a three step system to reduce wrinkles.  Can you explain the benefits of each step and why a single step should not be missed?

Sure! The importance of doing all of the steps is to keep treating the area in a continuous fashion. We want to get the right products on the skin at the right time of the day, all day long. Using a neck cream or other product is ok, but to truly get the fast, lasting results we found a routine that works much better. 

Here’s why the 3 step line works so well;
We have the Good Night Decolletage Sleep Mask to help undo the effects of side sleeping. Our Good Night Sleep Mask contains a powerhouse ingredient called Gatuline® In-Tense which has been clinically tested and shown to have very fast acting and effective smoothing/tightening action. This will help to tighten up that skin as you sleep to help combat side sleeping. Enemy #1 defeated!

Next, is our Bright Morning Decolletage Smoothing Cream meant to plump up and fill in whatever visible creases may have shown up due to side sleeping so that you can grab whatever top you want with confidence. The powerhouse ingredient in Bright Morning is Argireline which many dermatologists swear by this versus more invasive treatments. Bright Morning works fast- go out and conquer the day!

The final step is our Damage Control Vitamin C Primer and it works to help repair sun damaged skin. Vitamin C is known to have antioxidant properties and should be a critical component of your skincare routine. We typically like to apply it just after sun exposure. Forgot to use sunscreen during the day? Run for Lola’s Damage Control Vitamin C Primer to help tame the damage!

3.  What are the long term benefits of using Lola Collective?

Results speak for themselves. A clinical study of décolleté fine lines and wrinkles were examined based on 3D acquisitions; clinical scoring was performed by a dermatologist; and self-assessments were made by the volunteers using a questionnaire. Results highlighted a significant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles at the décolleté and neck level, with skin appearing smoother and softer. Analysis by cutometry also showed a significant improvement in skin firmness and tonicity.

4.  What/Who started Lola Collective and why?

Initially, we started out focused on the singular problem of decolletage wrinkles, an often-neglected area of a woman’s skincare routine. 

Our founder Shawna Haider noticed that as she aged this problematic area seemed to age faster than other skin.  Not happy with the creams and other offerings on the market she enlisted her husband, a biochemist who also works with dermatologists and plastic surgeons, to form a ‘collective’ to solve this problem.

The solution is our Time to Glow Decolletage Collection that we have been discussing. After the success of our initial collection the brand’s mission grew to serve the most-often neglected areas of a woman’s skincare routine. 

We subsequently launched our Post Wash Hand Conditioning Cream and Stem Cell Refresh Eye Serum products with other innovative products still in the development phase. Our mission will be to always serve those often-neglected areas that become problems later in life with a family-owned business approach. 

We don’t develop products that we don’t use ourselves.

5. What are the core values of Lola Collective?

Our core values are simple, customer first.  LOLA stands for Lots of Love and Affection as that is what we aim to give to our customers. This philosophy is how we started, how we operate and how we will continue to grow. Sounds cliché but it’s true. We started with a focus on our first customer, our founder Shawna Haider. The Collective was tasked with helping her.  That’s why we chose the best quality and most effective ingredients we could find, because that’s what was best for her. 

Moving forward, we continue to select the finest ingredients we can for our customers (Shawna is still one of them) while pricing and marketing them in the most ethical manner. We never test on animals.

6. What sets Lola Collective apart from other skin care products of it’s kind?

We don’t put out ‘products’ we aim to solve problems. Other skincare brands move into categories while we pick a problem and attack it in the most thorough way possible.

We try to make our treatment programs simple to stick with while hitting that problematic area in a continuous fashion.


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