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Bandit – The Heist Movie with Heart – Elisha Cuthbert takes Mamas on a journey

Bandit – The Heist Movie with Heart – Elisha Cuthbert takes Mamas on a journey

My name is Chanelle Holder and I am the founder and CEO of Maturing Mama Magazine. For those of you that follow my personal account, you know I am passionate about film and TV. I’m a screenwriter and actress with the hopes of one day watching my own stories on TV and even in theaters.

On my journey I’ve networked my buns off to find mentors that can show me the path to becoming a success one day. I’m so privileged to have one of these mentors be successful screenwriter and producer Kraig Wenman.

Kraig has sold over 65 screenplays with 27 produced. And he has now fulfilled his dream of being a producer of his own written work with the recent release of his feature film Bandit.

Featuring blockbuster actors Josh Duhamel, Elisha Cuthbert, Mel Gibson and Nestor Carbonell, Bandit is a true-crime drama that came out in theaters and streaming platforms on September 23rd 2022.

I had the opportunity of watching this film on opening night here in Vancouver and Mamas, Bandit is a true-crime drama with heart.

Vancouver Opening Night with writer and producer of Bandit Kraig Wenman

Now I’ve watched my share of crime stories, specifically heist stories much like the movie Bandit. But Bandit is definitely nothing like your average heist story. The average heist story will have your leading man who is so intriguing that you easily take his side. Typically the number one reason we do this is because, (let’s be honest), he’s hot!

Far be it for me to say Josh Duhamel is anything but, and yet this isn’t why I fell in love with him and desired so much for him to win. For me, it was truly all about the woman he frequently calls “goddess”. This is the love of his life and mother of his child Andrea Hudson, played by Elisha Cuthbert.

From the movie Bandit

Andrea Hudson is why I wanted Josh Duhamel’s character to win. This is a young woman who depended on him to love and support her and their child.

This movie was far from just action scene after action scene. There were real conversations and moments that were paramount to the safety of this couple’s relationship and family. These moments took me even deeper into the plot and made me that much more invested in the action scenes, as they held so much weight.

Bandit is truly a true-crime drama with heart. It’s one that I believe all Mamas out there would enjoy watching. Bandit is available now on streaming platforms all over North America.

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