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Three Must Have Tools For Every Home

Three Must Have Tools For Every Home

Hello, My name is Jake. I am the owner of Elementz Canada Co. and I am honoured to have the opportunity to be a guest blogger for you this week. Today we will be discussing the three must have tools in every home.

Being a custom craftsman, I have worked with many types of tools in a number of different industries. From my experience I have seen many people find it difficult to narrow down the specific tools they need on hand to cover a wide spectrum. 

My advice: It is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. 

Of course, when it comes to the homestead, this practice isn’t always the most practical or cost efficient. And if you remember the Red Green Show, Duct Tape is not always the answer. 

There is one tool, however, that must be included on this list. Without an explanation needed. A hammer. Just get one. You’re welcome. 

We will begin and end with the very basics. The majority of tasks that need to be done in a home can all vary depending on skill level and capabilities. Just remember, you get what you pay for. Don’t always go for that Dollar Store tool. If you invest in the proper equipment that will last, it will save you many headaches and trips to the store. 

1. The first tool I would suggest is a tape measure. 

Measure Twice, Cut Once. There is a reason why this is a typical saying. Being able to measure is a vital part of any project. With some simple math and a tape measure you can create some pretty impressive things. Tape measures come in all shapes and sizes, but be weary, as there may be some slight differences in actual measured lengths. As long as you measure all pieces in your project with the same tape measure, you should be fine. I would recommend looking at your local hardware stores and see what tape measure suits your needs. If you have a hard time understanding measurements and fractions, there are tape measures available with the fractions written underneath each tick on the tape. By far the most important tool in any handywoman’s arsenal. Cost is minimal, but I would highly recommend a good tape measure to have on hand.

Cost: Expect to spend around the $25-30 range for a decent tape. 

2. The second tool I would suggest is an interchangeable screwdriver or drill. 

Depending on your budget, you could go the old- fashioned elbow grease route with a screw driver or the bougie battery operated drill. Either or, they will get the job done. For simplicity sake I would recommend getting a hand screwdriver with interchangeable bits to cover a wide range of hardware. You can utilize this in conjunction with your tape measure. 

Screwdrivers have a variety of uses. For example: Creating a hole in the drywall before you insert a drywall plug to hang your new family portrait, or tightening up the hinges on your cupboards under the sink, or piecing together a pre-made bookshelf… *chills run down your spine*… we all love putting together furniture from a box, don’t we… 

Cost: Screwdrivers can range from $5 -$100. Remember to keep it simple and get one with interchangeable bits. If your budget allows for you to purchase a powered drill, look to your local hardware stores and wait for some deals. Remember you will have to purchase bits separately, so understand you will be looking at an additional cost. Look to spend around the $80-$140 range.

3. The third tool would be a level.

After all, what is the point of hanging a picture or mirror if it is going to be crooked?

A level is a vital tool, and again comes in many shapes and sizes… sometimes they come with LASERS!

Almost foolproof, a level can help make a job 10x easier (some even come with a tape measure printed on it, two in one). Line up your project and make sure the bubble is in between the lines of the level, or set your laser and let it self adjust. So if you have that side table that may have twisted a bit over the years and is tipping back to front, place the level on top and shim or adjust the legs until it sits level.

I would recommend purchasing two levels, one larger than the other. Smaller levels are perfect for hanging pictures and other decor, while larger levels are good for hanging shelves, leveling tables, mantles, railings, coat racks and door frames.  Ensure that the level you are using covers as much of the length or width of your project as possible. This will give you a better overall reading. 

Cost: You can spend anywhere from $10+ depending on the style and size you want. Sometimes a 2ft level is more than enough for any home projects.

Although we have only covered three important tools, there are a number of tools that can be useful in your home. With the above mentioned, you should be well on your way to accomplish most tasks around the house. As a craftsman, my advice to any of you would be to understand that there are more than a single use for each of these tools. Open your imagination and you will certainly surprise yourself with what you can achieve. Don’t be afraid to make holes in your wall. Drywall can be fixed, decor can be repaired, and things can be Feng Shuied. You are a handywoman, you got this. 

Thank you for reading my first blog as a Maturing Mama guest blogger. 

I hope you’ve learned something. Never hesitate to reach out to Elementz Canada Co. We offer workshops and consults for all your custom building needs. All the best, and happy building!

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