Maturing Mama: Real Motherhood, Unveiled

The Internet; the most accessible platform for information on all things motherhood and child rearing. Yet it somehow delivers superficial content.

It’s easy to find motherhood displayed in a perfect light. Children with clean clothes, clean faces and hands, with hair combed. Homes with clean walls and everything perfectly placed. Images portraying upper class lifestyles of motherhood.

These images portray the message that motherhood done right, is only accessible by those mothers with glamorous lifestyles.

Many of these platforms displaying perfect motherhood are lacking the most common experiences.

Post-Partum Depression; Lingering thoughts of taking the life of my child. After admitting this scary and ever present idea to my doctor I was met with an unconcerned response: “Most mothers experience this. It’s very common.”

Yet when searching for blogs and social media accounts of mothers also suffering and still thriving – I found none. I found no mention of the real, raw and ugly sides of motherhood.

Mothers with no make-up and stretch marks. Mothers retaining water. Mothers wearing adult diapers because of incontinence. Mothers with sagging bellies and cellulite. Mothers in messy homes. Mothers crying from exhaustion. Mothers smiling while wearing dirty clothes, with dark circles under their eyes and screaming babies in their arms.

Motherhood is a battlefield. And it can be a beautiful one if we moms band together and fight this fight as a team.

Maturing Mama’s goal is to allow every mom a safe space to admit to our failures and flaws with the confidence that we are not a lost cause.

In fact, it’s through admitting the truth of our set backs that we can then experience growth. We can find other moms that struggle and build one another up.

Maturing Mama was created by Chanelle Jen.Y in 2018. It has become a brand embraced by mothers around the world and a community inspiring authentic motherhood.