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Healing the skin from within – LIFE Essentials

Healing the skin from within – LIFE Essentials

“I realized that there are so many people in this world that have the same underlying issues and I wanted to help. LIFE Essentials is slowly growing into a household name because we are helping those who are struggling with their skin as well.”

Sherrice, Creator of LIFE Essentials

Kinky hair can be an absolute struggle to take care of, grow and maintain. It’s kind of those with straight hair to try to make us feel like our kinky hair is as special as gold. But the difficulty of maintaining the health of our hair is especially in the struggle of finding the right products for it.

My hair has especially been a struggle as I have battled with the onset of alopecia on and off since I was a teenager. Every now and then a few bald patches will show up and rather than deal with the problem I would typically cover it with a wig.

For this season of my life, what I want most is to figure out the underlying problem for my hair-loss and to get the growth back using natural products.

I’ve increased my iron and protein intake as those have been low, especially since my increase in exercise. I’ve learned one’s hair will typically fall out when lacking in iron and protein. Now to assist my hair in healthy growth, I got products from LIFE Essentials. This is a brand of all natural products that assist in combatting skin issues. I got the Rose Mint Scalp Serum and Regrow & Restore Green Tea & Vanilla Formula.

For me what especially sets LIFE Essentials apart from the average skin care brand is the smell of their products. I’ve used hair products that were all natural and smelt horrible. But LIFE Essentials pays close attention to adding the right essential oils to take the smell of their products to a great level of sophistication.

I use the Rose Mint Scalp Serum just before bed and it provides a relaxing aromatherapy experience as I go to sleep.

The Regrow & Restore Tea & Vanilla Formula smells like an expensive bottle of perfume! My hair dresser was washing my hair after I had been regularly using this product- she smelt it and was blown away! She asked me for details on this product because it smelt amazing and she saw the work it was doing on my scalp.

Since using the Rose Mint Scalp Serum from LIFE Essentials I found the bald patches of my head developed a thick fuzz of hair growth within a week. Now before I started using Life Essentials products, I had only increased my vitamins and protein intake. I would typically get some hair growth. These strands were frail and would come and go each day. The hair was simply not strong enough to stick around.

With the use of LIFE Essentials products my hair has been maintaining its growth. Before using this product I wore a wig to cover the patches in my head. But with some hair growth coming in, I decided to get myself a haircut that would allow the length of my hair to be at the same level of the new growth in my patches.

The Hair Growth Serums I use from LIFE Essentials include Coconut Oil, Peppermint, Aloe Vera and Castor Oil. These are prime elements for hair growth.

LIFE Essentials doesn’t only have ideal products for hair growth. They have luxurious products for the shower. My favorite is their brown sugar body scrub. It’s all natural and I’ve noticed since using it my stretch marks have become less prominent and it evened out my skin tone.

Aside from these amazing results, using this body scrub is such a relaxing experience. It feels so good on my skin and smells amazing. What I love most about the smell is that it will last days after using it! So ideal because we Mamas naturally end up going days without showering.

Here’s more about the story of LIFE Essentials from founder Sherrice.

“Our main core value is Integrity. LIFE Essentials brand is about providing products and top notch customer service to those who are desperately trying to find solutions to their skin and hair care struggles. Our skin is our identity.

I struggled with eczema as a child and throughout my adult life. I started this brand in 2015 because I was able to subdue my skin flare ups by designing products to suit my needs.

I was overwhelmed with constant doctor visits and being prescribed medication to treat my flare ups. I realized then, that I was not alone on this healing journey. In my research I realized that there are so many people in this world that have the same underlying issues and I wanted to help.

LIFE Essentials is slowly growing into a household name because we are helping those who are struggling with their skin as well.

LIFE Essentials is more than just a skin and hair care brand. We are a FAMILY. Our products are ALL home and hand made. Each ingredient is handpicked by me. Each product is carefully made with the consumer’s needs in mind.

Our products are not designed in a factory. We pride ourselves with delivering top tier products designed in house. Everything is designed carefully, from carefully choosing ingredients to bottling/jarring products, all the way down to carefully designing and placing each label on every single bottle. LIFE Essentials cares about our consumers and welcomes each customer/client to our family.”

To shop with LIFE Essentials go to

LIFE Essentials now has a store front location offering cosmetic services:

– Non-Invasive Body Sculpting:
    * Laser Lipo
    * Skin Tightening
    * RF Therapy
    * Wood Therapy
    * Vacuum Therapy (Non- Invasive BBL)
    * Cellulite Treatment

-Skin Care Treatments
-Organic Nails
-Yoni Steaming

16809 91st Ave Store Front
Queens NY 11432


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