I’m Chanelle, the creator and CEO of Maturing Mama. Originally from Trinidad and then to Canada, Hawaii, Australia and back to Canada. My husband is Jesiah and my girls are Esperanza (6) and Izabella (3).

When I’m not working on Maturing Mama Magazine, I’m working on a screenplay and my new found acting career. I love all things arts, writing and entertainment. I have big dreams to make an impact on the lives of others with genuine content in the media.

In July of 2018 I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. In an effort to understand how to be a good mom while battling this mental illness, I searched for blogs of moms that also suffered.

Instead what I found was mom blogs with superficial content. Homes that looked perfect. Kids that looked perfect and these moms themselves looked perfect. Like they were models hired to play the role as mom in these photos.

I decided enough is enough. I’m sick of all this fake content on social media.

In my opinion moms should be looking at relatable content that’s just as beautiful as fashion blogs/magazines. These encouraging messages deserve to be presented in a beautiful manner.

So what’s my parenting style… I’m quite strict (and that’s a shock to me). I’m learning everyday how to relax and have fun while being strict. I never wanted to be a strict parent but I’ve realized it’s an important aspect of keeping up with our family’s busy schedules- especially with our energetic kids.