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Maturing Mama continues to move forward with support from businesses through feature and promotion of your products by blog post.

With this our platform and message if authentic motherhood gains more attention. We are then able to support our staff of stay-at-home moms and able to use products as prizes to bless our subscribers.


Many would like to hide from the reality that we are a world controlled by brands and marketing.

When told something is trendy or worth spending money on, we run toward it with our credit cards waving high in the air.

This is my opportunity to impact you with a positive message through what you’re buying. Don’t buy a product because you see the top three sexiest celebrities wearing it. Buy it because of the story behind it. Buy it because of the maker of it.

You’ll find I often feature small businesses. I love finding those that carry a heart for their brand. Those that put the work in to each product for the ONE. Not simply for the masses. They just care about how that ONE product they spent hours working on, will affect that ONE individual that buys it.

Also in reality, running this blog is costly and time consuming. I’ve had no other option but to turn it into a job. By all means, if you’d like to donate financially to this site so the number of marketing posts can decrease, please do so! (Scroll down to see where to send donations)

But I’ve had the great support of these businesses, paying me to speak about the heart behind their product, so I can continue focusing on bringing quality content and the message of authenticity as a mom, to the world. This is a wonderful blessing!

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