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Seaweed the superfood – Kove Ocean Foods

Seaweed the superfood – Kove Ocean Foods

“Seaweed requires no land, water or chemicals to grow. It grows in the ocean and so provides essential nutrients to ocean life and helps to create a healthy habitat. Seaweed is a big player when it comes to promoting biodiversity. Seaweed is a regenerative powerhouse for the planet!”

Kove Ocean Foods

I was introduced to eating seaweed in Hawaii. My husband and I lived there for six months and spent a lot of time with local residents. It was common to see kids snacking on seaweed and at every meal there were seaweed flakes to sprinkle over top your meal.

This habit stuck with me after moving back to our home country Canada. I had no idea of the nutritional value of seaweed. I just knew I loved the taste and especially the punch of flavor it added to my rice bowls.

During my pregnancies I craved seaweed. And naturally after my kids were born I often bought seaweed for them to snack on.

When I came across Kove Ocean Foods Sea Spice my mind was flooded with endless ideas of what I would put this on. It wasn’t just my favorite product seaweed, but the addition of a balanced mix of seasonings.

Sure enough when I got my first bottle, I put it on everything. At the time it arrived I was trying to bring up my iron intake and was dreading the inclusion of dark leafy greens into my diet.

What helped was making myself a rice bowl which included dark leafy greens and then slathering it in Sea Spice. I actually would sprinkle a dash on each bite to hide the taste of dark greens, haha!

I started taking this bottle around with me so I always had it available to sprinkle on a meal. Sea Spice is not just the taste of seaweed. Kove Ocean Foods have taken the humble seaweed to a whole other level! There’s a nuttiness and a kick along with the taste of the Ocean. I’ve used Sea Spice when cooking fish. I’ve even just sprinkled some in my hand to snack on it. What can I say, it takes me back to Hawaii!

Eating sea weed does even more to my body and the environment than just being a delicious snack. Here is Desiree from Kove Ocean Foods to tell us more:

1. Many would be surprised to know that eating seaweed can be helpful to the environment, can you explain how? 

Yes! Most people know intuitively that seaweed is a super-food, packed with so many vitamins and nutrients. But it is also incredibly healthy and beneficial for the environment as well.

Seaweed grows in the ocean so there is no demand on land, which means there is no need to cut down trees or harm the planet via clear-cutting and deforestation. There is also no need for fresh water or any other additional inputs, such as toxic fertilizers or chemicals.

Beyond the fact that seaweed requires no land, water or chemicals to grow- it grows in the ocean and so provides essential nutrients to ocean life and helps to create a healthy habitat. Seaweed is a big player when it comes to promoting biodiversity. Seaweed is a regenerative powerhouse for the planet!

2. Cascadia Seaweed brings us Kove Ocean Foods, how did this develop?

Our founding partners were about 1 yr into building seaweed farms and had began the process of growing seaweed at scale in partnership with local First Nations.

They determined that the highest and best value for the seaweed we grow in the pristine waters of the Pacific ocean, would be the development of our own brand of consumer food products. It was then Kove was born.

3. What are the benefits of the incorporation of seaweed into our family’s diets?

By eating seaweed and feeding it to your children, you are adding so many vital nutrients to your diet. Seaweed is a natural, plant-based whole-food. It is very low in sugar, contains good healthy fats, powerful antioxidants and it is a great source of protein. Depending on the species, seaweed contains between 12 to up to 25% protein content.

Seaweed contains fibre, magnesium, folate, and is a significant source of Iodine which supports thyroid function and your metabolism.

Eating seaweed is shown to support gut health, heart health and brain health. Seaweed is so accessible, it is easy to eat and helps enhance the flavour of a variety of dishes and so many meals!

4. What are some exciting new products in store for Kove Ocean Foods?

We are hard at work in the Kove Kitchen and we have many concepts in the product development pipeline. At the moment we are working on a variety of snack products made with Cascadia Seaweed. For example, we have seaweed protein puffs, seaweed sea spice popcorn, and seaweed tortilla chips coming out by the end of the summer. We are also working on frozen products and fresh salads.

5. Kove Ocean Foods is good for the community and a “People Positive” brand. Can you explain how and why this is an important value for you?

Community engagement and contribution is a value we hold near and dear to our hearts. From the outset, each one of our farms is built in partnership with local First Nations, whereby they have ownership and an economic stake in the farm.

Through the operations of our farms as we plant, cultivate, grow and harvest seaweed, we employ local residents and provide opportunities for meaningful work.

I have heard first hand from some of our employees and contractors how much it means for them to be involved in such a sustainable endeavor and contribute their time toward work that is meaningful and beneficial for their community and the planet as a whole. Furthermore, as we take seaweed out of the water and process it into the tastiest and most delicious foods, we employ many more local residents and also contract work from many local companies.

It’s important to support a business that works alongside Indigenous First Nation communities and contributes positively to the environment while benefiting our health! So be sure to shop with Kove Ocean Foods at

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