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Affordable Glasses In Trendy Styles with Firmoo

Affordable Glasses In Trendy Styles with Firmoo

Glasses are so expensive- but when you need them, you need them! There’s just no way around it. Yet not everyone has the means to get glasses.

I knew the moment I needed glasses. It was like there was static everywhere in my vision. My eyes couldn’t focus and I was getting constant headaches. I was lucky at the time my husband had health insurance through his job. So we were able to get my eyes checked and get me a very fashionable $900 pair of glasses. I was in shock at the price!

After purchasing these glasses, a friend who has worn glasses most her life asked me if I would get another pair for the sake of having another style. I told her, “Of course not!” And she looked at me like I was the one giving a shocking statement.

When I told her how much my glasses cost her shock continued. She asked me why I didn’t go to and went on to say that even though her Health Insurance covers her eye wear she still prefers shopping on

When I checked out this website I understood why. Glasses starting at $4. There was no way! The quality must be horrid! Yet my friend’s glasses were always very fashionable and appeared to be as sturdy as my $900 pair.

I had to try it for myself. So I went onto and purchased two pairs of glasses with my prescription. Even after shipping, I paid under $20.

When these glasses came, they were legit! They were quality glasses with my prescription. I didn’t get all the fancy lens options they offered at the time and yet I preferred wearing them to wearing my $900 pair that came with all this.

Now fast forward to today! Four years later. I recently got my eyes checked and found I needed a new pair of prescription glasses. However this time my husband has no Health Care as he’s switched jobs. So I paid out of pocket to get my eyes checked, got my prescription and went to

This time I got everything they had to offer in lens quality. I got UV protection, Blue Light Blocking, Anti-Fatigue, Fog Resistance and Scratch Resistance. I purchased more features than I got on my previous $900 pair of glasses. And it was still under $100 at checkout!

Here’s the funny thing about that $900 pair of glasses, after 4 years it is falling apart. The frame had been popping off of the lens for 6 months now and the nose area fell apart two years ago.

Now as you recall I purchased glasses from Firmoo just after getting these $900 glasses. The glasses from Firmoo are in perfect condition.

One of them with a red frame, I wore more than I wore my $900 glasses. These glasses were my favorite because they were so fashion forward and it sat on my face so comfortably. Two weeks ago I unfortunately sat on these glasses while in bed and broke the handle. It was at that moment I figured I needed a new prescription anyway, so I might as well get myself new glasses from

My new glasses just came yesterday and they are exactly what I was expecting and yet the quality of the lens still shocks me. It’s really great quality!

Now I’m sure many of you are wondering about how I’ve managed to pick out the right pair of glasses for my face without trying them on.

Firmoo has this amazing system on their website that allows you to take a photo of your face and they put a picture of the glasses onto your face. Funny enough it looks almost exactly the same when I put the photo of what the website gave me in comparison to the photo of me actually wearing the glasses.

The steps to choosing your new pair of glasses are simple:

1. Find your ideal frame shape. has every single frame shape you can imagine. You might know what fits your face best, but be sure to try some styles out of your comfort zone.

2. Try on your glasses.
Use the 2D system to try glasses on a photo of your face.

3. Pick your lens.
Be sure to have your prescription on hand if you need prescription glasses. You can attach a PDF of your prescription or manually fill this in.

4. Add to your cart.
Don’t forget to check if there are deals for multiple pairs. These make buying multiple looks very affordable!

5. Fill out your delivery information.
Don’t forget to use your exclusive code for a discount on your glasses. That’s:
– MM for 50% off on Frames
– MMlens for 40% off code on Lens

6. Pay and your glasses are on the way!

Quality glasses can be affordable! And for those just looking for glasses solely for fashion and not prescription, these glasses are all available with the same lens technologies. has the following options:

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly and these glasses are a great option for us Mamas. It’s affordable for our families too! Plus has fashion forward sunglasses!

To shop go to and have fun with your lens and frame options using Discount Codes:

50% off code on frame: MM
40% off code on Lens:  MMlens

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