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Inclusivity in The Beauty Industry with Kitsch

Inclusivity in The Beauty Industry with Kitsch

Inclusivity in the beauty industry is near impossible to find. The average beauty brand will first cater to light skinned women with straight hair. The curlier hair gets, the harder it is to find products that cause this hair to thrive in its natural state.

Kitsch is the first beauty brand I have found with beauty products made with inclusivity at its core, for women of all hair textures and skin colors. I’m especially in awe of this because their products work for my entire family which includes Afri-Carribean (me), Caucasian (my husband) and mixed (my kids).

Hair care products for black women are typically:

– paraben & sulfate free
– includes a high protein base
– natural oils

I couldn’t believe the hair care products I found at Kitsch. Their Bottle Free Beauty Shampoos and Conditioners include Rice Water Protein, Castor Oil, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. These are all qualities that make kinky hair, like my own, thrive!

Even better the Bottle Free Beauty element means they use packaging that is certified sustainable and made from recycled plastics- which is better for our planet. Not only that, the effect it has on minimal living is phenomenal! Here is a photo of what my shower caddy typically looks like.

It’s overloaded with large plastic bottles of different products. There are two sets of shampoos and conditioners. One set specifically for my husband’s hair type and one set for my hair type.

Now our kids’ hair goes from one extreme to the next. Our youngest daughter has hair a lot like her dad’s. It’s thin with a loose curl. While our oldest daughter has thick hair with big curls that’s closer to my hair type. So for them, we use our hair care products accordingly.

On our overloaded caddy I then have an acne body wash for these stubborn acne spots I get on my back. It’s also meant to work on razor bumps, which I get everywhere that I shave. Beside it is the family’s body soap.

All these products are weighing this caddy down so much that my husband had to tie a rope to the caddy and nail the end of it on the ceiling because it kept falling.

Now since getting products from Kitsch our entire family has solely used these three products on this compact Kitsch Caddy. It’s hard to believe! (On this Kitsch Caddy I also have a little bar of orange foot soap from Lush).

The most mind boggling thing about these small bars of Bottle Free Beauty Shampoos and Conditioners is that a little goes a long way! And you’ve seen my family’s hair types- there is a reason we have such large bottles of shampoo and conditioner. But when using the Bottle Free Beauty Shampoos, we rub this into our scalp where hair is the thickest- so the middle section- and message this through.

It lathers up right away and the product spreads everywhere. This is not at all like when we use our generic brands of shampoos. With those, I typically have to put a few pumps of shampoo to get a good lather and have product get through every portion of hair. But with Kitsch Bottle Free Beauty, a little truly goes a long way. Each bar lasts over 100 washes!

We’ve been using these products regularly and only recently after a little over two weeks, the Charcoal Soap has finished. My family mourned the loss of this soap. I’m not even kidding, we seriously were all disappointed the moment it finished. We used it for everything!

I was hesitant to use it on my face, but it actually worked better than my acne cleanser. My pores were tighter and my skin was so supple. Remember that acne body wash I have on our overloaded caddy? It never got rid of my acne nor razor bumps. It just reduced the amount.

That Charcoal Soap took away my razor bumps. I have not seen my skin free of bumps since I started shaving as a teenager- not until I used this Charcoal Soap. The size of my acne spots reduced dramatically and my skin glistened!

When I use generic brand soap that promises to moisturize, it never really does. The moment I get out of the shower and dry off, my skin is “ashy”. That’s a term black people use. It’s when your brown skin looks grey from all the dry areas.

My skin after getting out of the shower with Kitsch Charcoal Soap was so soft and glistening- like I just rubbed myself down with oil. It felt amazing! It felt so much better washing my hands with this soap instead of generic brand moisturizing soap. My hands get so dry from generic brands that it itches.

Kitsch has so much more in store for hair protection! And again, these are products for ALL hair types.

Since the start of 2022 I have started to get bald patches in my hair. I’ve learned this is caused from iron deficiency (which my sisters and I naturally have) and it seems this deficiency has increased since I’ve increased exercising. Iron comes out of my body through my sweat and this increase in deficiency has caused my hair to fall out.

Now that I know the cause, I am increasing my iron intake while also protecting my hair in its fragile state. This means I have to use hair products that strengthen what’s there and I also have to be very careful to not irritate the hair that is there.

This means tying my hair down at night. Something I have always struggled to do because the head wrap always falls off or is too uncomfortable.

Kitsch has a Satin Sleep Cap that is shaped perfectly to stay snug on my head without feeling uncomfortable. I’ve used this for the last week and it’s stayed on every time.

In case the Satin Sleep Cap isn’t your style, there is also a Satin Pillow Case from Kitsch that protects hair from breakage (which the average pillow case would do to my hair). I’ve put one of these Satin Pillow Cases on my oldest daughter’s pillow. Her hair tends to become very dry and fuzzy after she sleeps on an average pillow case. But with use of the Satin Pillow Case, her hair maintains its softness and is easier to manage in the morning when I have to comb it before school.

Kitsch also has hair towels that don’t damage hair when drying after washing. I don’t blow dry my hair, I dry it with a towel. (It’s safer that way). But I always have to be very careful when doing this to not rub my head with a towel but just dab or gently squeeze the water out. In the end my hair is still dripping but at least I’ve gotten most of the water out. Rubbing my hair with the average towel will easily damage it.

Kitsch has hair towels that are made to perfectly wrap around our heads and absorb the water from it without damaging our hair. It even cuts drying time in half! That’s so ideal for me as I typically wash my hair after going for a run, before grabbing my daughter from school. It’s always a mad rush out the door and leaving the house with dripping hair is not ideal.

My favorite is the Satin-Wrapped Microfiber Hair Towel. When I put my hair in this towel, I couldn’t believe it would actually dry my hair. But it did! And when I took the towel off, my hair wasn’t dry and frizzy but soft and moist. It did not strip my hair of its natural oils. I feel like I could use this towel to deep condition my hair- I might test out this theory in the coming days.

These products from Kitsch are a must have for every home! Mamas of all hair and skin types deserve products that are natural, safe and effective! The reviews on Kitsch website from customers of all ethnicities are phenomenal! It just shows that beauty products can be inclusive and beneficial to everyone! Thank you Kitsch for prioritizing inclusivity within your brand.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and the Bottle Free Beauty products are an absolute must have to make your shower time a spa-like experience!

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