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Bamboo Based Product To Benefit You and the Planet – With Bamboa

Bamboo Based Product To Benefit You and the Planet – With Bamboa

Most of us know the premium comforts of Bamboo– and if you don’t, then you’re probably new to Maturing Mama because I am obsessed with Bamboo based cloth material and I can’t shut up about it.

My first taste was in underwear, then pyjamas and recently I received bedding made out of 100% Organic Bamboo! I feel like a Queen.

This material is breathable, cool and yet comfy. It’s got a silky feel that takes away the discomfort of sleeping on a hot pillow at night. 

These pillow cases take practicality to the next level! They are naturally odour resistant, so bye bye stinky morning breath that gets locked into our pillows. They are anti-bacterial, so for a busy mom like me, I don’t have to worry about the overflow of dirty laundry with the addition of bedsheets. And even better, they are 3x more durable than cotton! I don’t know about you, but I don’t like having a lot of bed sheets- they take up too much space in the linen closet. So having one set that can last a long time is ideal!

Did you also know that when purchasing Bamboo items from Bamboa you are assisting in the global production of Bamboo that helps fight climate change and empower local communities where the Bamboo is grown along with their economy. This is the Grow Bamboo Initiative created by the founder of Bamboa Julia Washbourne with the help of United Nations employee Dr Shyam Paudel.  

The plantation of Bamboo slows deforestation, (as it grows quickly), and releases 35% more oxygen than trees while absorbing carbon dioxide. 

The Grow Bamboo Initiative is all about planting bamboo in rural communities of South East Asia (so far in Nepal and Sri Lanka), to support the rural communities within Kavre District, Nepal. Here the community makes a fair wage while planting and attending to the Bamboo.

It is then entirely the rural farmers’ Bamboo and their choice on how they use it, sell it or turn it into products, that we may buy from them. The goal is to enable a further income for poorer rural communities through the planting of Bamboo.

And Bamboa hopes to spread The Grow Bamboo Initiative to more rural communities around the world! Your purchase with Bamboa is not just a purchase that brings quality eco-friendly items into your home, it impacts the environment and communities on a global scale.

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