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SunWell Being – Natural Beauty & Health Products

SunWell Being – Natural Beauty & Health Products

The founder of SunWell Being began making their natural products 20 years ago and has developed a wide variety of soaps (including the Pumice Stone, natural sanitizer and Aloe Vera), bath bombs, hair care, balms, skincare, house products and even a dog grooming line. There is something for everyone! The products are hand made with care in Australia and created proudly unique, beautiful, nourishing and healing. One of their biggest values is that they are eco and vegan friendly.

Skincare has always been a difficult thing for me. Mainly it has been hard to settle with a certain brand as I have quite sensitive skin and am also very sensitive to smell. To be honest, when I discovered many of the products that were being sent to me from SunWell Being had scents in them, I wondered how well I would do with them. I even considered nominating someone to try them on my behalf. But I decided I needed to try them myself, as I really liked the fact that they were natural and eco friendly. 

I was curious about the pumice stone soaps which are known to keep the skin healthy and help to heal itching scaly skin conditions. The natural aloe vera soap is for everyday use, and the Dragon’s Blood Healing cream is formulated to help inflamed skin such as eczema, insect bites, sunburn, etc., and can also be used as a night cream. I tried them all and was not disappointed, in fact I was very impressed.

Pumice Stone Soap: Lemon and Lime

I was given an assortment of scents to choose from and decided on the lemon and lime which presented a smell that I felt wasn’t going to be too overpowering for me. The packaging provided a list of ingredients, and the recommendation to use the products 2-3 times per week. It is solid and doesn’t crumble. Being careful about how much I used to avoid a migraine (the usual result of breathing in strong scents), I chose to use the product on my legs and feet and I am pleased to say I had an outstanding result! Using this soap left my skin feeling so smooth. It removed any rough or dead skin, and I was not affected at all by the smell. I started using it on my legs, and then decided to try my feet. I have very rough, dry skin with split heels and after only two uses, the splits began to heal.

Aloe Vera Soap: Lemon and Lime

Complimenting the pumice stone exfoliating soap, I used this on the alternate days. I was impressed with the texture that it did not crumble, and how soft it left my skin. As with the pumice stone soap, the scent did not appear overpowering and it was a comforting thought to know I was only putting natural ingredients on my body.

Dragon’s Blood Healing Cream

I think I was the perfect candidate to try a cream like SunWell Being’s Dragon’s Blood Healing Cream, as I have always suffered from dermatitis specifically on my hands. As a previous early childhood educator, before I had my children, and now as an at home Mum with a medically complex and immunocompromised child, I was/am constantly washing my hands. My skin really pays the price and has many splits and gets very sore. Each night before bed I have been treating my hands, and also a few times throughout the day when required. That throbbing feeling was eased and it is much less irritated.

I love the way their soaps are made with beautiful colors, and many have a very pretty pattern swirled into the bar. They are packaged with a clear list of ingredients and instructions where needed. They have high quality customer service and respond to messages quickly. They have been a pleasure to talk to and do business with.

In my collection as well as the products listed above, I received sanitizer soap, a daily therapeutic luxury Pumice Soap, a moisturizing Coffee Massage Bar, and an Eco friendly conditioner bar and a bath bomb. I am looking forward to continuing to use these products daily. I have already referred the products to my family and friends.

SunWell Being is an excellent option for all your skincare needs! 

Take a look through everything SunWell Being.

Use code “mumas” for a 10% discount through December 21st!

There already is a range of discounts on the website of 10% over $70 and 20% over $150 and your code will get an extra 10% on top of those discounts.
We have also changed the shipping costs for international orders to Australia to make it more attractive to buy.  We really want to open up to overseas customers.
The shipping cost is a flat rate of $20 for all orders.  

For customers in New Zealand the shipping cost there is a flat rate of $10.

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