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5 Inexpensive Gifts for Moms This Christmas

5 Inexpensive Gifts for Moms This Christmas

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Are you one of those Mamas that say you don’t need anything for Christmas?

I totally get it! I mean we know better than anyone what our family’s budget looks like. For me, I’d rather put money into Christmas day itself. So that looks like, getting new lights or ornaments for the tree. Or making sure we have all the makings for a Christmas dinner. My family makes a Carribean Christmas cake every year and that gets expensive.

But no matter what Mamas, your family wants to give you gifts anyway. They don’t want you to miss out when they’re opening their gifts. So don’t say you don’t want anything. Instead, how about give them a list of inexpensive gifts you know they can afford to give you?

Here are just five inexpensive gift ideas I have. And I do expect you to add on to this list with your own personal ideas.

  1. A Family Project
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We Mamas love family time. There’s nothing more special than when every member is together and having fun. So how about, pick something in your home that you’d like to have done and work together on it?

For me this is the building of my doll house. My husband got me a dollhouse last Christmas which was the best Christmas gift I’ve ever had! (I’ve always wanted a dollhouse and the ones for grownups are especially amazing!)

But of course my dollhouse is still not fully built and it’s almost been a year. So for Christmas I’ve asked for help from the family to build this dollhouse.

This means we’ll take time to sit around the table together and work on this old Christmas gift which I’m still so excited about. I know we’ll have a lot of fun building it and it’ll be the best gift to have it completed, knowing we did it together.

This idea for you may look like painting a room, baking or gardening. Maybe your closet needs organizing. Be sure it’s a project that benefits you.

  1. Cleaning Specific Rooms
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I know I know, this one sounds like pulling teeth. But to be honest, the best cleaning my family has ever done was when I asked for it on my birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas. Especially when it’s all I’ve asked for.

My kids will literally keep repeating to themselves as they clean, “This is for mommy’s birthday!” And it some how gets them more excited to clean.

I ask my husband to clean parts of the house we’ve put off cleaning or organizing for too long. Like the garage or storage room. One time I just wanted the cabinets cleaned. It was the most satisfying gift I’ve ever had!

  1. Time Alone
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I love my family, but there are times when what I want and need most in the world is just a day by myself. And I mean a day by myself to do whatever I want. No cleaning, cooking, laundry- nothing! Just me and a good book or me and the TV. One time I stayed home alone and made myself a cheesecake.

Ask your family to give you a quiet day alone. My family has done this by letting me lock myself in the bedroom while they stayed downstairs and cleaned. My husband will even bring me meals. It’s magical!

There are times too when they leave me alone in a clean house. So then I don’t feel that anxiety of there being things I need to do while I’m trying to relax. This is one of the best ways to take a much needed nap!

  1. Your Choice Of Dinners For A Week
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Mama’s we all have a house full of picky eaters. (And if you don’t, I want to hear from you- you’re as rare as kid that doesn’t whine).

Every week we organize dinners to make sure everyone’s happy and no one refuses to eat. But you can request that for one week you pick the dinners and no one complains.

When I did this I made mushroom risotto. It was the best week of my life. The family were not fans but they ate it because they knew this was mommy’s favorite meal and her special gift. (Our kids love to see us happy!)

I personally love cooking unique meals so this is my way of enjoying this gift. But if you’re not into cooking, yours can be a night of picking where the family eats out. Or on a night the family is eating left overs, you order your favorite food. I’ve done that with sushi. The kids don’t even care that I’m eating something different when it’s something they don’t care for.

  1. Encouraging Love Notes
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Mamas, we all have those days when we need to be reminded of why we are good moms. Ask your kids work with your spouse or another grown up to type a letter in as much detail as possible about why you’re an awesome mom. I say type because you’ve gotta be able to read this letter with tears in your eyes.

Have them talk about what they love most about you and things you do that makes them feel loved. Get it all down!

Put that note in a frame. For more than one note, put it up in different parts of the house.

When asking for these Christmas gifts, get the kids to make them into coupons. Work together on these coupons so they know exactly what you want for Christmas.

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