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Celebrating our Mom Bodies with Ivy Marie

Celebrating our Mom Bodies with Ivy Marie

Loungewear that supports you and the environment.

– Ivy Marie

We’ve all been there Mamas. After going through 9 months of pregnancy and then giving birth, we are left with our bodies feeling like jelly. Everything around our waistline seems to have lost elasticity.

I remember putting my regular (non maternity) clothes on for the first time after giving birth and having parts of my body hang out like it was falling off of me. It’s the strangest thing!

And the reality is that even after getting back to our pre-pregnancy weight, our bodies will not look the same.

I recently got my abs back and finally lost that belly pouch. However I noticed my tummy is still saggy even in it’s tight state. It’s not firm and smooth like it used to be before having kids. It still has stretch marks and sags near the belly button. I do ab workouts daily and haven’t seen the slightest change. So I assume the only real way of getting rid of this is… Surgery???

But hey! Let’s not forget, our bodies are not something to be “fixed”. We have beautiful mom bodies! No matter what, it went through the most magnificent and strenuous nine months of growing a child(ren). It will forever hold that fact in it’s new shape and form. So we ought to find clothes that celebrate it’s new shape.

Celebrating our new shape is not something we moms do often. It’s especially something that’s tucked away at the very back of our minds while we prioritize our kids and home.

Let’s play a game! Take a moment to speculate what you’re currently wearing. For me, at this very moment I look like a teenage boy. I’m wearing stretched out sweat pants that have numerous tears in them, a very large hoodie and a beanie. I’m comfy as anything, but I know I look ridiculous and I would never go out anywhere important in this. I wouldn’t even spend a good minute looking at myself in the mirror while in this outfit. There’s nothing special to see in my opinion.

It’s truly unfortunate that I don’t dress myself in a manner that makes me feel beautiful and excited to stare at myself in the mirror! It’s a rare occurrence. Perhaps that’s because when I am looking my best, I’m wearing clothing that sucks everything in. It makes even my husband laugh at how uncomfortable I look.

Mamas, there are outfits out there that check all the boxes for us. An outfit we can wear at home and out of the house. It sits on our bodies in a fashionable way that highlights our Mama curves without taking away comfort. It even makes breastfeeding easy to do!

Ivy Marie has clothing I can compare to my comfiest robe. You know the one you put on after dragging yourself out of bed too early in the morning and realize you need a warm hug? But this is an outfit that’s fashion forward!

Outfits from Ivy Marie wrap around our bodies in a way that flows with it’s shape. The material is breathable and yet comfortable- making moving around the house and lifting little ones easy to do. Breastfeeding in these outfits is an easily accessible task.

Ivy Marie celebrates our mom bodies through every season of it’s changing form.

Here is Ivy Marie to tell us more:

Ivy Marie was born out of the desire for high quality and eco-friendly loungewear.

Through months of prototypes, deep-dives into sustainable manufacturing practices, and talking to a community of hard-working women, Ivy Marie was able to bring the comfort and renewable power of luxurious loungewear to you.

Our company shows commitment to a sustainable business model by practicing ethical manufacturing, using organic, renewable, and recycled materials, and giving back to our environment.

We respect our planet and partners, and we are always looking for ways to improve the communities where we produce and sell our products.

Ivy Marie will plant up to five trees after each order and donate five percent of profits to environmental justice organizations.”

This is an outfit that looks good and does good to the planet! To shop go to

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