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Stephanie’s Work Shop – Helping Our Kids Look Their Best

Stephanie’s Work Shop – Helping Our Kids Look Their Best

I recently heard of a friend having spent time crying while putting away her daughter’s beautiful dresses. They were all meant to be worn out of the house and presently there were no occasions to wear these dresses to because of the global pandemic.

It made me question, who do we want to benefit most when we dress our little girls in beautiful dresses?

Is it our friends, when they get excited over how adorable our kids are? Or is it to our own benefit as we swell with pride the moment friends and strangers exclaim that we have beautiful kids?

My kids love wearing every type of tutu, dress or skirt. They instantly begin to twirl like ballerinas and announce to everyone, “look at me!”. They know that in that moment they look extra special.

They don’t care what they’re doing while they’re dressed up. They especially don’t care who’s in the room or if they receive a compliment or not. They feel proud of themselves because they look as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside.

So in this period of time when we don’t have as many opportunities to get our little girls dressed up, let them wear their beautiful outfits at home. Let them do it for themselves- Not for who’s watching.

I’ve always wanted my girls to have beautiful tutus bold in color and large in size. Presently the tutus available in stores are nothing compared to the ones made by small businesses, by hand.

When I found Stephanie’s Workshop, I could tell just by looking at photos online that these tutus had a lot of quality work put into them. They looked quality enough to be danced in, climbed in and rolled around in.

My girls were so excited to receive these beautiful tutus in the mail along with other beautiful head bands and jewelry from Stephanie’s Workshop. The colors are bright and bold. The material was nothing like the itchy netting I remember wearing under my church dress as a little girl. They were soft and not stiff.

My girls kept their outfits on all day. Proudly strutting around like they were on the runway.

Despite the smaller gatherings and much time spent at home, let’s dress our kids with pride teaching them that the first person they need to look their best for is themselves.

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