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Love My Mat’s Yoga & Meditation Accessories

Love My Mat’s Yoga & Meditation Accessories

I’ve taken to meditation about a year ago now with the use of the app called Abide. I used to think meditation was a silly habit. But once you have kids, it takes work to relax. Thus, the structure of meditation. Every mom can use a moment to sit still, breathe and reflect.

Of course because I’m a tired mom I sometimes found myself falling asleep as I meditated. There were times that was the desired outcome because I needed help relaxing into a soothing sleep.

But if it was during the few minutes I have between getting chores and work done, it would cause tension to rise up within me once I realized I’ve lost valuable time.

And it’s for this reason there is the meditation cushion. Mine is made out of reclaimed fabrics and Canadian Buckwheat Hulls by Love My Mat.

What I love most about these cushions is that it causes me to sit up straight. Straight enough to take deep breaths.

The Buckwheat Hulls form to my bottom and maintain it’s firm stature to keep my posture. Even better, when I hear the sound of it moving around, I feel like I’m outside in nature. The half moon shape gives just enough support under my thighs for my hips to relax and lets me sit comfortably.

Of course as a mom we need items that are multifunctional. I can promise you, the moment I tell the kids, this belongs to mommy- don’t touch! It’ll be like I said a magic spell to make it disappear.

My meditation cushion remains in the family room where the kids can sit on it, use it as a part of a fort or a part of their obstacle course. And this cushion holds up! It’s strong enough to be jumped on and thrown across the room, (I have very strong kids). Love My Mat’s cushions are made with rescued fabrics in small batches so you can find an item that blends into your home and is as unique as you are.

The colors of this particular cushion blends in seemlessly with the rest of our furniture. If you’re into meditation or even just curious about it, get this cushion. If you’re not- get the cushion anyway! It’s perfect for when guests are over and you need a floor pillow. It’s perfect for kids. And should the day come that you need to meditate you’d be happy to find that it’s there waiting for you.

Love My Mat is a Canadian company built on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices and dedicated to offering the best yoga and meditation accessories.

As a mother-daughter business, Love My Mat understands the needs of a busy family and design products that easily blend into the décor of your home. By creating fashionable and functional props that you will be happy to display in your home, Love My Mat provides you with all the tools you need to keep your home yoga and meditation practice a priority.

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