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Nuez Acres Pecan Oil Review

Nuez Acres Pecan Oil Review

You know it’s bad when:
Your husband comments on it.
Your kids comment on it.
And then you suddenly can’t live with yourself, you smell so stinky!

Mamas you know it’s true. We wait till the absolute last moment to take a shower. And when we finally do, we either have the kids banging on the door insisting we can’t have a moment alone. Or we simply see no point in hanging out. We wash all necessary parts and get out quick.

Mamas it’s time to prioritize our showers. And it is possible to do so before the dog won’t come near us- we stink so bad.

I received products from Nuez Acres that made me long for my shower time. I was able to find a way to have quiet and relaxing showers- simply because I wanted one that bad.

It was after my first experience with Nuez Acres Nourishing Body Scrub. This body scrub is a combination of pecan oil, pecan pulp, lavender and lemon essential oils. It’s glorious!

The smell fills the entire bathroom and puts me in the most relaxed state. And the pecan pulp feels so good on my skin! When I rub it on, it turns into this milky substance that disintegrates as my skin absorbs it. And I know my skin is absorbing it because when I get out of the shower my skin is silky. And I’m talking, the silkiest I’ve ever felt it.

I’ve used shower products that claim to be moisturizing but the moment you get out of the shower there’s no sign you’ve used it. That’s not at all the case for this Nuez Acres Nourishing Body Scrub.

After getting out of the shower I have my choice of skin moisturizers from Nuez Acres. Not that I need it after using their body scrub. But it just feels so soothing to add these products on too. Why not?!

There’s the Skin Serum, Repair Serum and Hydro Boost to choose from. I’m quite strategic in what I use where, as I’ve studied the ingredients and effects of each product.

The Repair Serum is my go to for my face. And not just because it claims to give a youthful glow. But it also has two of the most relaxing essential oils- patchouli and bergamot. These oils can put you in a state of zen. The only problem I’ve often had with these oils is that I don’t usually like the smell. So how strange that I want it near my nose.

But the combination of Pecan oil and Rosehip with these oils makes the smell very inviting. So I feel very relaxed and I enjoy the aromatherapy happening near my nose.

My appearance after using this oil on my skin is surprising, as I thought it could potentially make my acne worst. I used it while ovulating and my ovulation period includes a lot of breakouts. But over night my acne decreased. I was shocked. The bumps literally went down in size.

I usually put the Skin Serum all over my body. And what I love most about this serum is that it feels so good on your skin after shaving. I don’t shave my armpits or legs often because it can get itchy and there is often razer burn. But I thought I ought to really put this serum to the test by shaving and seeing how it reacts when my skin is at its worst. Well, I literally forgot I had shaved until my husband pointed out how smooth my legs were.

And I mean, I’ve shaved my legs before and put on a generic brand lotion afterwards… Don’t ever do that. Trust me. It burns! You’ll find every spot you’ve nicked or gotten razer burn on instantly.

But with the Skin Serum, I imagine that if there were any razer burns or nicks, it soothed it enough to heal it quickly. That’s my guess. I mean Pecan Oil does have Vitamin E which is great for healing wounds.

There’s my favorite moisturizer from Nuez Acres, the Hyrdo Boost. I actually love to keep this little pot of whipped lotion in my office to use on my hands after washing. It is the yummiest lotion I’ve ever smelt and felt on my body.

I’m not kidding- I’ve never felt a lotion like this. The texture is like that whipped butter on top of Denny’s pancakes… You know the one I mean right? And when you put it on a pancake the pancake just absorbs it. That’s like my skin absorbing this whipped Hydro Boost lotion.

This lotion doesn’t need to be rubbed on for a long period of time. My skin just sucks it in. I’ve never experienced that before. Lotion often feels like it’s sitting on top of my dry skin. And in fact, in just an hour or so, the lotion disappears and I’m left with my dry skin once again.

I feel like all the products from Nuez Acres really changes your body. It doesn’t just make it look nice for a moment. It makes your body look and feel better longer.

My feet are always a problem area for me. It’s often dry and cracked. But it was the Nourishing Body Scrub that first showed me my feet were capable of healing itself. I thought I needed to get an extreme foot scrub from an elite spa to get rid of this dry and cracked look. But all it took was using skin care products from Nuez Acres.

My husband and I have also enjoyed using the Hair Serum from Nuez Acres. My husband uses it in his beard and I use it in my hair. My hair is often dry. It’s normal with black kinky hair. I would usually need to use leave in conditioner in my hair which can feel heavy and cause me to breakout in acne near my forehead.

Nuez Acres Hair Serum hydrates my hair and doesn’t affect my skin negatively. My hair is left feeling light and not heavy after use. What I love most about this Hair Serum is that it’s all natural ingredients. Especially for the fact that I have to use hair products daily to keep my hair moisturized, it’s better to use all natural products that’s safe for my body.

To see my video review of Nuez Acres products go to our Instagram page @maturing.mama

There’s so much more in store with Nuez Acres. They have pecan products in so many forms- you can pretty well shop for your grocery list there. Don’t take my word for it, shop now at

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