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The Healthiest Socks You’ll Ever Wear – Silver Spun Goods

The Healthiest Socks You’ll Ever Wear – Silver Spun Goods

We live in Vancouver Canada. One of the rainiest cities in Canada! It’s just getting into Winter over here and for Vancouver that means the rain is going to just keep coming until Spring. Despite all the rain, I still love it here. But what I don’t love is when everyone comes in from outside with damp feet that smell!

I thought it was just an aspect of life in Vancouver that I just had to accept. That was until I found socks from Silver Spun Goods.

Silver- we know it for its form within jewelry… And that’s about it. It’s simply a safe material to wear against our skin that won’t turn us green- or is it?

According to Laurie Gonyea of Silver Spun Goods, “Silver kills odor-causing bacteria, assists in eliminating germs and conducts energy.”

It’s because of these properties that Laurie has started incorporating silver into yarn. Her most popular product created from this silver incorporated yarn are socks. That’s right, these are germ and odor eliminating socks created out of silver!

These socks make great stocking stuffers!

My husband and I each got a pair from Silver Spun Goods and we love it! What I love most about wearing these socks is that they feel like a pair of those sock slippers you’d wear at home. But they’re not huge and bulky like that, so they fit in your shoe just fine. They feel durable!

I wear my socks with my runners in the rain while walking under an umbrella (rain boots aren’t my thing), and my feet stay warm. Even though the socks get damp there is no smell. I’ve been wearing my socks for just about a week now. I wear them around the house. I wear them when picking up the kids from school- and so far there is no smell.

It definitely looks like I’ve been wearing them for a few days though because I’ve been stepping on crumbs and jelly on the floor ????. But these socks really do hold up!

Now my husband is notorious for having smelly feet after coming home from work. So these socks were made for him. He renovates homes so I imagine his feet sweat a lot! The first day he wore the socks was also a very rainy day. The moment he came home he stuck his feet in my face and demanded, “Smell!”

After getting mildly offended I smelt it and there was no smell… No smell at all! And this guy’s feet usually smells really bad.

I think these socks are especially beneficial for moms because we don’t always have the time to keep up with laundry. A pair of socks is especially one of those things I prefer my family wears more than just one day a week.

Constantly washing socks assists in the wear and tear, so these socks are truly a time saver, money saver and eco-friendly! 

See these socks in our latest printed Christmas issue available on the Readly app and to order to your door!

Here is more of Laurie’s story:

Through her curiosity and love of knitting, Laurie Gonyea discovered the magical and therapeutic properties of yarn spun with pure silver. However, this extraordinary material was not being produced in the US for the hand knitting market.  Laurie set out to change that.

In 2013, Laurie teamed up with North Carolina State University to produce the first hand knitting yarn in the US using American-grown cotton and pure silver, and called it Silver Spun®. Together they created a revolutionary yarn that is as warm as wool, soft as butter, kills odor causing germs, and needs less washes.

These socks look fashion forward with a pair of boots!

For six years Silver Spun® was only available to knitters, but Laurie always had bigger plans for her yarn.  She wanted to make the therapeutic qualities of this yarn available to everyone. The result is a collection of super cozy socks that are kind to your skin and the world around you. Each collection is designed and made in the US, crafted with the finest fabrics, infused with pure silver, and produced in limited runs.

All of Silver Spun Goods socks are packaged in re-usable canvas draw-string bags that are hand sewn by a woman’s cooperative in India. Laurie says, “These are the only items that we source outside the US, but we love what they stand for and want to support them!”

Silver Spun Goods give back to their community with 2021’s Community Partner, Sustainable Start, a non-profit organization that was started by a group of NYC high school students. They pass out hygiene kits to the homeless, which include Silver Spun Goods socks.

These socks make great stocking stuffers! To shop go to:

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