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Dry Winter Skin’s New Best Friend – SunSHYne Scents

Dry Winter Skin’s New Best Friend – SunSHYne Scents

Winter brings beautiful snowfalls, cups of hot chocolate and for most of us- dry cracked skin.

I’m originally from a tropical island, so I’m not used to needing to apply lotion to my skin. The hot weather always seemed to have my skin soft from natural body oils. I usually did moisturize to deter from upsetting my mom. (Black Mamas love their babies to smell good and be moisturized!)

But the moment we moved to Canada, it became imperative that I moisturize regularly. If I didn’t, my skin could go as far as bleeding, it was so cracked and dry! It was also very easy for my mom to notice that I wasn’t moisturizing. My dark chocolate skin would literally turn to white ash. Black Mamas all know how embarrassing it is to have that from their own child.

Now as a mom myself, it’s important my own kids’ skin is taken care of. I’m talking covered from head to toe in moisturizer. But I easily forget about caring for my own skin while I care for theirs. I find myself waiting until my skin is so dry it’s itchy before I apply moisturizer.

Finding a soap product that can properly deliver moisture along with cleanliness, can be crucial for Mamas. It’s the difference between constantly having to take the time to search for that bottle of lotion you got from your mother-in-law three Christmases ago- only to find your kids used half the bottle on their dolls. Or simply hopping out of the shower and drying off ready to start your day.

Or if I’m going to use a bottle of moisturizer, atleast let it not take me applying it numerous times a day to get my skin not to crack.

A natural and yet powerful soap and moisturizer like that does exist from SunSHYne Scents. A small business body shop created by mompreneur, Sheyenne Stone. Here is Sheyenne to tell us more:

1.) Can you recall the season in which you created SunSHYne Scents?

I created SunSHYne Scents in the summer of 2020 right after Covid hit. The name of my business comes from my nickname (Shy) and the nickname my fiance’ calls me (Sunshine).

Being a creative minded person, I had already made soap in the past for Christmas gifts and just as a hobby before officially deciding to turn sunSHYne scents into a business after much encouragement from my fiance’ and family members.

With Covid hitting, me losing my job, and boredom striking me, I really honed in on making soap full time. I researched everything I could about different oils and butters and what is good for the skin and what is not. I perfected my craft and eventually graduated from making soap to bath bombs and then from bath bombs to sugar scrubs and body butter.

I put a lot of time and attention into perfecting my craft, and after experimenting and formulating with pretty much every oil known to mankind, I finally concocted the perfect recipes for my bath products to ensure people really are getting the best performing, most moisturizing bath products on the market!

2.) With winter on the way, what are ideal products for families to use from SunSHYne Scents?

With winter and the dry months ahead of us the ideal product from SunSHYne Scents are my body butters and emulsified sugar scrubs! All of my sugar scrubs act as a 3 in 1 which means first they act as body wash, then a lotion, and then once they’re rinsed off they act as an all day moisturizer.

Each of my body butters are carefully whipped up and made with avocado butter which is known for healing and relieving dry skin. Perfect for the dry, winter months. Also on the plus side is that with both my body scrubs and body butters, a little goes a very long way so one jar will last you a long time.

My favorite emulsified sugar scrub is definitely Grapefruit Apricot. I love the fresh, citrus scent, and my favorite body butter to use is Bubblegum. A favorite winter staple among young kids is my Berry Bewitching sugar scrub. I think my son loves this one because of the colors. Just be sure to tell your kiddo not to eat it!

For moms looking for a gentler product either for their babies or themselves for the winter months, my unscented bar of soap works miracles when it comes to hydrating and relieving dry skin.

3.) What sets SunSHYne Scents apart from other brands of bath and body products?

I can’t lie. The bath and body industry is saturated right now. I knew that going into my small business venture which is why I also knew that I needed something to set me apart from the rest. Enter Jamaican black castor oil. I discovered this oil a couple years ago when trying to get my hair to grow and then when I started reading more and more about this oil, I discovered that it also works wonders for skin.

close up photo of glass bottle

I was so excited about this oil that I had to tell everyone about it and I also wanted people to get the same benefits from it that I did. I cannot stress enough the wondrous things this oil does for the skin and I think if more people knew about it, more people would use it and discover what it can do for them. That’s where I come in.

With my bath products, I incorporate Jamaican black castor oil in almost every bath product of mine from soap to bath bombs to sugar scrubs. You will see your skin transform after very little use with my bath products. Before creating any bath products, I take the time to research how different oils and butters will react with each other as well as with people’s skin. I also really enjoy creating very colorful bath products. If they can bring joy to me and my loved ones I know they can bring joy to someone else’s life.

4.) What can customers expect with long term use of SunSHYne Scents?

I’ve had many repeat customers over the past year and I really think this is because I take the time out to formulate each recipe to perfection and I package each order with love and attention.

I try to take the time to figure out the customer’s likes just based on their order so that I can include a sample that I think they’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Customers can expect to be treated as if we’ve been friends for years. I’ve never liked it when people were mad or upset with me and I think this comes into play when I’m running my business. I’m a big people pleaser and anything I can do to make the next person happy, I’m going to do it.

I don’t think people truly realize how much it means when they order just one item from me and I like to show my appreciation with free samples and exclusive coupon codes. When someone takes the time to order one of my products when they could’ve gone anywhere else, I look at this as a gesture of good faith and I make sure their order is perfect from the recipe all the way down to the packaging.

5.) What is an ideal product from SunSHYne Scents for mama’s and why?

I was 23 when I had my now 7 year old son and before that I had always struggled with anxiety. After I had him things seemed to magnify times one hundred. I felt like I wasn’t good enough to be a mom. What if I’m not raising him right? What if he doesn’t like me?

All of those questions floated around in my head. Even now sometimes all I want is just 10 minutes alone in the bathroom just to decompress and be alone with my thoughts. I think any mom can relate!

An ideal product for moms would be one of my spa gift sets. Every mom looks forward to that alone time in the bathroom and with one of my gift sets you can put the kids to bed and pamper yourself!

I have gift sets with soap and bath bombs and I also have gift sets with everything included where you choose which fragrances you want. For the busy mom who may not have time to pamper herself, one of my soap bars would be ideal.

My soap bars are colorful, fun and provide great skin nourishing effects and even though you may not have time to fully pamper yourself, at least you know you can wash up with a fun bar of soap that is also going to moisturize your skin!

To shop with SunSHYne Scents go to

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