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An Eco-friendly Fashion Must-have, Upcycle with Jing

An Eco-friendly Fashion Must-have, Upcycle with Jing

It’s finally here everyone! The opportunity is here for us to go out and enjoy being around others! We’ve spent the past two years at home and now we can finally go out to dinner, dancing, parties and class- in person and dress up!

It really hit me, the fact that things were getting back to normal when I signed up for an acting class that’s being held in person. An entire classroom of actors are meeting every week, one night a week- in person!

On my first night in that classroom I decided to dress up! I honestly have forgotten what it’s like to wear nice clothes by the way. All this time I’ve been wearing gym clothes everywhere. But on this night I wore an outfit I literally hadn’t worn before. It was clothes I bought pre-pandemic that I never got to wear. And with that outfit I wore the most beautiful pair of earrings that would compliment a fashion forward outfit perfectly!

These are the type of earrings a successful celebrity actress would wear on the red carpet. They are a fashion statement to the next level. These earrings say, I dress the part because it’s the part I’m getting. These are earrings from Upcycle with Jing.

The most stunning works of art that are made from recycled plastic bottles… And it doesn’t even look like it! These earrings look like they are created from the finest crystal but when you touch it you can feel the plastic. And I’ll tell you what, that makes these statement pieces comfortable to wear!

I’ve worn large flashy earrings before and they can get super uncomfortable. They can be heavy and stab at you with its pointy sides. But that’s not the case with these earrings from Upcycle with Jing. These earrings are so comfortable that when I wore them to my acting class I was able to do scene after scene without noticing they were there.

And trust me there’s nothing more irritating than having a piece of clothing or jewelry item pull you out of character because it’s uncomfortable.

These earrings are trend setters, proving that upcycled fashion does not need to look worn out, washed out or poor quality in anyway. Upcycle with Jing proves that we can look good while doing good for the planet.

Here is Upcycle with Jing, to tell us more:

“At Upcycle with Jing, we want you to both look and feel good when wearing our jewelry. Every one of our jewelry pieces have been handcrafted from PET plastic bottles we found in Helsinki.

Fast fashion is no longer the new black. You want to look good and feel good – not just because your new earrings perfectly pull together your look, but because you know when you put those earrings on, you’re making a difference.

For too long now, the environment has been ravaged in search of precious metals that are then used to make traditional forms of jewelry.

We’re different.

With our jewelry, not only will you wear an exquisitely beautiful necklace, hairpiece, or brooch, but you’ll also give a second life to plastic that would otherwise be left to pollute the environment.

You proudly show off exactly who you are in everything you wear. Time to show everyone that sustainability is in style, and it’s not going anywhere.”

– Upcycle with Jing

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