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A Natural Method of Doing Laundry – Eucalan Delicate Wash

A Natural Method of Doing Laundry – Eucalan Delicate Wash

Is anyone else freaked out by the number of times we have to wash our kids’ clothes and bedding??

Potty training my daughter alone made us do so many loads. Not to mention they wear one outfit for the day and it gets covered in food and dirt within hours. My oldest daughter Esperanza asked for a peanut butter sandwich this morning before school and something inside me said, maybe that’s not a good idea. But I said yes anyway. She then showed up with her clothes covered in peanut butter. So much for not sending our kids to school with peanuts- my daughter is just wearing it on her outfit. Her clothes still smelt fresh from the dryer but I had to toss it in the wash.

My husband and I have been feeling the weight of the number of times we have to do laundry. Our greatest concern is the amount of chemicals constantly being washed through our kids’ clothing. And I’m your average mom whose favorite perfume is the smell of clean laundry, but that smell is a chemical smell. I know it is and it kills me inside that I still love it.

Jesiah and I have discussed using a natural laundry detergent but to be honest, I had no idea where to start. My first priority is a detergent that has our clothing smelling fresh even if it’s not using the chemical properties typically used for those normal “fresh from the laundry” smells.

Getting my hands on Eucalan laundry detergent was a God sent! I am big on essential oils in our home. I love using it in our home made disinfectant spray. I love having them in candles. And of course, I’m big on using them in a diffuser.

I love that these smells aren’t just to mask odors but they have qualities about them that benefit our health. If you haven’t done the research on essential oils, it’s worth looking into. Each essential oil has a special property and unique benefit.

My go to essential oil is lavender. Firstly because wasps hate lavender and I hate wasps. So I go as far as buying lavender body wash to make certain they stay away from me. Lavender is also what helps calm you- it can put you to sleep! For me I’m often diffusing lavender to help with my anxiety and panic attacks.

So Eucalan laundry detergent actually has a lavender detergent made from natural lavender essential oil. Now I’ve purchased lavender laundry detergent from large named brands before. These were not natural lavender smells- it was definitely synthetic. But the laundry detergent from Eucalan was in fact that natural essential oil I diffuse daily and use in my home made disinfectant spray.

In comparison, after washing our bed sheets in Eucalan, the smell was not as overwhelming as with the generic brand detergent. You know what I mean. Like when you’ve just taken out a load of laundry from the dryer, the smell packs a punch and can almost give you a head ache- it’s that strong. But not this detergent. It’s a light and delicate smell. In fact I’d say it’s a comforting smell.

Here are the instructions for using Eucalan detergent with my Front Load Washer:

Select Rinse and Spin or Hand Wash/Delicate cycle. Cold or tepid water.
Add Eucalan** to the softener drawer.
Load articles into machine and start cycle.
Follow drying instructions below.

When I used this detergent I didn’t use any fabric softener nor scented dryer sheets. I recently discovered natural dryer balls that are unscented, so I used those.

A special note about Eucalan detergent, it doesn’t need to be rinsed out. So Eucalan encourages hand washing using their products and a basin with room temperature water. What a way to reduce energy consumption in our homes!

Members of the Eucalan team have said,

“You don’t have to hand wash all your laundry, but you could do small items in the sink. I use Eucalan for all my bras so they don’t get tangled up in agitator in the washing machine, and it saves the elastic from wearing out in the dryer. Just pop a few of them in the sink with capful of Eucalan, then hang them to dry on a drying rack. You could also do that for your swimsuit, or if you have other items you don’t want to send through the washer/dryer. I love the environment, but even I’m not hand washing all of my laundry!”

Our laundry came out of the dryer clean, soft and with that comforting aroma of essential oils. Once I did one load, I couldn’t stop. I especially love the way Eucalan combats the smell of pee off bedding. You Mamas know this is a major problem. Pee is such a potent smell that when potty training, it’s like the entire house smells like pee. Getting that smell out of clothing and bed sheets can seem impossible as generic brand detergents simply add their fragrant smell on top of the pee smell. It doesn’t seem to actually get the smell out.

The smell of pee in my kids’ bedding though, seemed to diminish after washing with Eucalan. That’s not a normal occurrence. I imagine the essential oils played a part because they do have odor illuminating properties.

I especially love that all of Eucalan’s packaging is biodegradable! Eucalan truly touches all the bases for delivering an earth friendly and safe for the whole family product.

You Mamas have to try Eucalan for yourself. Eucalan has a sample package of multiple scents so you can find the scent that perfectly suits your home. Shop now at

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