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How to Care for Your Jewelry w/ Pilarica Jewelry Designs

How to Care for Your Jewelry w/ Pilarica Jewelry Designs

I love my jewelry! But I don’t always act like it. I’m the type that takes jewelry off in the bathroom and leaves it on the counter, sometimes for days before I finally put it away or put it on.

If I go to bed with jewelry on, I slip it under my pillow so I know where to find it in the morning. If I forget it’s there the next morning this could mean it’s left kicking around in my bedsheets for days.

If my jewelry shows signs of changing color I scratch the residue off with my nails.

Then at some point I’ll look at my favorite pieces of jewelry and find that despite their quality of material they’re made of, they look worn out and not as pretty as the day I bought it.

My jewelry has been so good to me, it’s a wonder I’m not better to it. Do you know how to take proper care of your jewelry?

I connected with Pilaricia Designs to learn more about what goes into her hand made pieces and how to better care for them to ensure a long life span and quality looking jewelry at all times.

Spoiler alert; jewelry does not hold up well to being left on the bathroom counter.

Here’s Pilaricia Designs to tell us more about her beautiful pieces and how she started creating jewelry:

Do you remember the moment you decided to make your own jewelry? What influenced your decision?

I remember the exact moment I decided to make my own jewelry like it was yesterday. It was years ago when Chandelier earrings were the trend. I wanted a pair so badly after seeing them on a friend, however being a student at the time I did not have enough to buy a pair for myself.

I went back to one of my favourite accessories shops a few days later to take a closer look at the pair I wanted and was mesmerized by the craftsmanship and the colours of the beads. That is when it occurred to me that I should try making a pair for myself. Later that day I went to the library and borrowed books on beading and making your own jewellery. I ended up upcycling costume jewellery that I no longer used and created my first pair of earrings.

I love to create and making my own jewellery so much that I decided to take fabrication and casting workshops to further my craft. It was a monumental point in my life where I decided that jewellery design is what I want to do. To be able to learn the trade and to share my designs with people is something I hold dear to my heart.

What are things you’d like to improve in your own jewelry compared to large name brand jewelry pieces?

Jewelry design is evolving and a lot of designers today are more open to making jewelry using non-traditional methods. I continue to learn new jewellery techniques and experiment with different materials that I can incorporate into my future designs. This results in a more conceptualized and unique jewelry collection.

What materials do you prefer to work with and why?

I usually work with semi-precious metals such as sterling silver because it’s so versatile and can instantly transform an outfit with minimal effort. I’m also thinking about incorporating fabric in my future designs.

What can customers expect concerning the longevity of your jewelry?

The philosophy behind Pilarica Jewellery Designs is that jewelry is an expression of one’s individuality. My jewelry designs are carefully created by hand in using semi- precious materials (fine/sterling silver, copper, brass) and semi-precious stones.

Our designs are inspired by the beauty of nature itself. Designed for the modern woman, we create classic, minimalistic designs that can be worn with any outfit from day to night or any occasion and for years to come.

What is the best way to store jewelry?

My current collection is made with Sterling silver and like other precious metal alloys, it oxidizes and develops a natural patina over time. I recommend these tips in maintaining and protecting your jewelry:

Clean your jewellery with a mild soap and water solution then pat dry with a soft cloth.

Store pieces individually so that they don’t knock together and scratch.

To prevent from your jewellery from tarnishing, ensure that your silver is not exposed to air and light.

Avoid wearing sterling silver jewellery in chlorinated water or other household chemicals.

It is important to keep jewelry dry and away from moisture.

Lower the relative humidity of a room if you keep your jewelry out in the open and notice that it tarnishes quickly.

Do you make custom pieces?

Yes, I create custom pieces which are usually made to order 3-4 weeks in advance.

I make sure that I collaborate with the client especially when they have a specific design in mind. This makes it more special and personal for the client.

Why do you believe jewelry is an important part of an outfit?

Jewelry accentuates one’s beauty and personality especially when they love the piece they are wearing. I believe that jewelry can also make us feel more stylish and confident; it’s an instant mood-booster. I love how jewelry can immediately transform an outfit with minimal effort, from casual to formal or day to night, anything goes right occasion.

Let your jewelry carry the passion and creativity of its maker with great care! Make your purchase of Pilaricia Designs at

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