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Customer Focused Clothing w/ Quagga Green

Customer Focused Clothing w/ Quagga Green

Do you ever get the feeling the clothes you buy was made with the intention of losing its quality quickly?

After giving birth to my second child, I took a risk and at six months postpartum, I bought (what I thought was), quality clothing from a brand that was highly spoken of within the fashion industry and by celebrities.

You see, I grew up quite poor. So I was used to buying the cheapest brand of clothing out there. I was well informed by friends at school what these brands were doing with sweat shops and such for why they were so cheap.

But here’s the funny thing about when I bought this expensive brand of clothing after being postpartum, the quality was horrid! I’m not even kidding. I compared the quality of these high priced brand named items with my cheap brands of clothing and the quality of many pieces from the high priced brand was worst.

I called customer service and complained. They apologized and told me they’d send a gift card for me to buy another one of their low quality, high priced, clothing pieces. After reading numerous reviews on this brand’s website, it turned out some items were high quality while others weren’t at all.

I couldn’t believe it! Why should I live in fear that after paying a lot of money for a quality item, I could in fact receive an item of poor quality?

I would encourage every Mama out there to do your homework before purchasing from a clothing brand. You’re best off choosing the brand that is size inclusive and customer focused, with nothing to hide.

These types of clothing companies do exist. In fact, one particular company is Quagga Green. A clothing company that prioritizes every size and shape of women with one size fits most items.

Quagga Green delivers quality clothing that can be worn no matter the season of motherhood and without compromise to the environment.

Here is Quagga Green to tell us more:

  1. What is the significance of creating products that are one size fits most along with being eco-friendly? (Do the two go hand in hand?)

Quagga Green has a large amount of one-size-fits-most clothing to be an inclusive brand. People come in all sizes and offering forgiving and flattering silhouettes allows us to include ALL shoppers regardless of size in our offerings.

When a shopper buys a one-size-fits-most, they are able to wear that piece for years to come, no matter their size fluctuation. This, in turn, increases the longevity of each item, reducing the number of garments discarded by consumers, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

  1. What is the behind the scenes for Quagga Green being an eco-friendly brand? What makes it eco-friendly and why can customers feel safe with Quagga Green?

Sustainability has been at our core since day one! We use organic or recycled fibers when designing our clothing, but this is not enough to call yourself a sustainable clothing company.

What others forget is the factories their clothing is made in. We pride ourselves on creating long-standing, close personal relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers. We pay fair rates for our goods and visit their locations in person to ensure people are working in safe and productive environments.

Because our company has a commitment to people and the planet, we also give back 1% of every purchase to the Big Life Foundation, a non-profit organization protecting over 1.6 million acres of East African wildlife lands. We have given close to $30,000 to the Big Life Foundation and we are so happy to assist in their mission.

You can feel safe shopping with us because we are transparent with our policies and workmanship, never keeping our customers in the dark about any part of the process.

  1. What do you believe are the long term effects of your brand?

Quagga Green is not just a clothing brand, we strive to give our customers a positive lifestyle to follow on our social media. Through our pages we promote other small businesses, sustainability tips, female entrepreneurs, multiple charitable organizations, local events, and more.

We hope that when customers are introduced to our brand they interact with us, not just for the clothing, but because they find useful information that enhances their lives.

Long term, Quagga Green will have taken part in growing businesses, helping those in need, and showing people how to live sustainably, all while making the world a more fashionable place through our designs!

  1. Can you recall the season on which Quagga Green was started? What brought about the product launch?

Quagga Green was started as a way for us to blend two things we are passionate about. We love fashion but we hate the negative impact this industry has had on our planet.

After years in the industry designing, sourcing, and producing apparel and accessories for other brands, we saw an opportunity to share our love of sustainability doing something we already knew how to do: creating beautiful clothing.

We wanted to offer inclusive and sustainably sourced fashionable apparel and accessories that we could wear with pride and confidence!

  1. What can customers always count on from Quagga Green that would most often be lost from other large named brands?

Quagga Green has always been transparent with all aspects of our business model. When you shop with us you are getting a unique article of clothing that has been designed from start to finish in house. All prints are designed by hand along with silhouettes.

When shopping with larger brands you lose the essence of true fashion design receiving garments that do nothing but hurt the environment. Our clothing is made with the intent that you will wear it for future seasons to come, eliminating fast fashion.

As a small business we are capable of personal relationships with those who choose to shop with us, ensuring outstanding customer service. Quagga Green is just an email, phone call, or dm away!

Shop now at using coupon code FASHIONFORALL for 30% off your purchase!

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