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Gifting With a Pinch of Sass – Salty Box Co.

Gifting With a Pinch of Sass – Salty Box Co.

Care packages can do more than benefit a broke college student. The first care package I ever gave was to a tired mom. A mom that actually messaged me that very morning to say she was done with our friendship.

This mom had only recently given birth to her first child and was battling postpartum depression. She spent a lot of time at home in isolation. She was tired and emotionally drained. She snapped at me one morning after I texted her and I could tell instantly that she needed to be reminded that she is not alone in this scary new season of motherhood.

She gave me every indication that she was done with our friendship. But I knew better. I had a trusted mutual friend of ours work with me on the perfect care package. It had all of her favorite items and a few indulgences. Chocolate, almond butter, bath salts, tea and so much more.

When we came to her door with the care package she started to cry. I needed her to know she deserves to be taken care of even in moments when she pushes others away. This is the power of a care package. It’s also the power of mom friendship.

Much like the bond between creators of Salty Box Co., moms Dalana and Sarah. Friends that met in 2013 while working for the same company. They became fast friends after noticing they had a very similar sense of humor – a little sarcastic, sometimes dry, but always pretty silly. They often found themselves playing into each other’s jokes and just generally making one another laugh.

Dalana and Sarah have been there for one another through so many pivotal milestones- marriage, becoming moms and buying first homes etc. They have celebrated each other through it all and discovered this unique way of doing so with gift boxes.

Here is their story of how they created an online system to send fun, quality and personable gifts to our friends and even ourselves.

1. Can you recall the season in which Salty Box Co. was started? (What caused the onset?)

Sending fun, thoughtful, and often times sassy gifts is our love language – it’s the tradition we’ve created between us to stay connected and celebrate life’s milestones even when we don’t see each other every day.

We started dreaming of turning it into a business around the time we each had kids. We were experiencing the challenges that so many women do – adjusting to life as working moms and searching for the flexibility that would allow us to spend time with our families but also flourish professionally. We believed putting in the work to start something of our own would eventually give us the balance we craved and, at the same time, we could help remedy something we felt was missing from the gifting world.

So, we set out to create a gifting experience that’s easy, unique, and full of flavor. That’s when Salty Box Co. was born – gifting with a pinch of sass!

2. How does Salty Box Co. work? What are the steps?

Our mission is to create an easy and fun gifting experience so we have three convenient ways to shop. The most popular is our build a gift box option which is for those who want to completely customize their gift in a matter of minutes. Pick and choose from over 90 different products (and growing) to include, choose a complimentary card and let us know what you’d like it to say. We will package everything in our beautiful gift boxes and handwrite your note for a personal touch. It’s that easy!

We also offer an assortment of curated gift boxes for any occasion. Just choose your favorite, pick a card and let us know your message. As with the build a box option, we will package it in our beautiful gift boxes and handwrite the note. We do the work and you get all the glory!

And finally, because we also want you to gift yourself, we have an a la carte option. You can shop all of our individual products and skip the gift packaging. We are firm believers in treating your damn self!

3. What can customers expect from the items within each box?

Our customers can expect high quality products perfect for celebrating any occasion and sure to illicit a smile and laugh. We’ve thoughtfully chosen items that support other small businesses, that we would love to receive ourselves, and that stay true to our brand identity – fun and sassy! From chocolate to cocktail mixers and candles to cross stitch kits, we have a huge variety of awesome gifts.

4. What is an ideal box for moms and what are its contents?

Supporting fellow moms is so incredibly important to us! For this reason, we have a curated box dedicated entirely to badass moms everywhere, affectionately named “Tired Mama’s Club”.

The box includes a high-quality canvas tote bag with faux leather handles, emblazoned with “TIRED MOMS CLUB”. This bag is awesome for carrying snacks, bottles, toys, groceries, tequila – you name it! 

Also included is a cute, high quality water bottle for keeping mamas hydrated and ready to take on the day. We especially love this item for new moms who are breastfeeding since we know hydration is key! The third item is a beautiful bracelet with gold filled beads and “MAMA” spelled out on it as a badge of honor.


Your ideal gift box is just a click away. Shop now at

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