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Benefit Hormone Health with Creation Skin Sanctuary

Benefit Hormone Health with Creation Skin Sanctuary

When I think about hormones I think of the word “hormonal” and the last time I snapped at my husband and thought to myself, “Well that was uncalled for.”

I so often curse my hormones for being present in my body. I often think to myself that life would be easier if hormones and I took some time apart.

But, let’s take a closer look at what my hormones do for me, aside from the obvious biological aspects.

During my period I am ultra “hormonal.” Super sensitive and on guard. As I should be seeing because I am losing the most important fluid in our bodies- blood! My hormones keep me from being around those that I feel threatened by and make me sensitive enough to take more care than I typically would of my body.

Anyone else spoil themselves when Aunt Flo is visiting?

I crave more calories than usual. I desire more than anything to stay comfortable. I have a strong aversion to dairy and raw fish- foods I typically enjoy.

The similar occurence happens while pregnant! Again caused by hormones. So I would argue that hormones protect us. They take care of us. And so we ought to take care of them.

I believe the products we use on our skin everyday can make or break the function of  our hormones. And no one wants a hormone imbalance- my doctor blames this as the leading cause of depression in women.

There is a skin care brand out there geared specifically toward the benefit of our hormones, Creation Skin Sanctuary.

Here is Creation Skin Sanctuary to tell us more:

Creation Skin Sanctuary is a high-performance, hormone friendly skin care company. With a culmination of a lifetime of passion for living healthy and a drive to support hormone health through living a non-toxic lifestyle, encouraging balance of the endocrine system and enriching long-term health.

Our passion is to help others live a hormone healthy lifestyle with trusted ingredients that are proven to support long-term health. We value the people both domestically and abroad that allow us to achieve this goal by making their native resources available to us.

Relationships have been fostered to ensure fair wages and sustainability while reducing the carbon footprint of a long supply chain that guarantees a superior quality is delivered to our customers. 

From cultivation to formulation and every step in between, great thought and detail has been poured out to ensure nothing but the very best is infused into each product.

In our products, we use only pure Boswellia Neglecta resins sourced sustainably and ethically from the Samburu Women Cooperative.

B. neglecta resins are a lesser known variety than their famous cousins, but still possess many of the same therapeutic qualities; the resins are harvested as a collaborative initiative to develop a new market and preserve the livelihood of the harvester communities.

Diversifying the trade in resins gives harvesters and their communities a broader income base to preserve their rich heritage and their close ties with their native lands.

Creation Skin Sanctuary exists to empower others to make informed decisions about what they put on their skin and the choices that impact their health. Providing tools for how to live a truly intentional, non-toxic lifestyle that nurtures your health and wellness is an integral part of the Creation Skin Sanctuary mission. With ingredients that have been scientifically proven effective, Creation Skin Sanctuary products will nourish your natural beauty and help you to live healthier.

Learn more about products from Creation Skin Sanctuary and start your journey on toxic free skin care here at

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