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Putting Enjoyment Back Into Coffee – Soho Brewz

Putting Enjoyment Back Into Coffee – Soho Brewz

To survive motherhood and especially mompreneurship, it is believed that 1-3 cups of coffee is needed per day… Maybe even more.

For us moms coffee can be drank like we’re taking a pill. Simply out of desperation. Just for the buzz. The jolt of feeling energized and no other reason than this. But it’s then that we lose the craft of what a cup of coffee is.

I started drinking coffee at age 6. This sounds strange but let me explain. Growing up in Trinidad, my family didn’t have a lot of money. So when we wanted a special treat, we couldn’t easily grab desert. But my mom had locally made coffee.

This coffee she made slowly on the stove, mixing the grinds in a pot of slightly boiling water. Drinking this cup of coffee was like drinking a rich, dark cup of hot chocolate. It was delicious! I savored that cup of coffee and looked forward to another time I can have that special treat.

After moving from the Carribean, coffee was still very special to me. But those around me didn’t seem to treat it this way. You know coffee is discredited when an expensive cafe like Starbucks gives you a bitter and burnt cup of coffee every time. It’s not coffees fault when people say they think it taste like dirt.

It wasn’t until I moved to Australia, where coffee is treated prestigiously, that I learned how to show coffee the TLC it needed in order to create a delicious cup every time. Those Australians don’t play when it comes to their morning coffee.

In Australia I was trained to be a barista and knew the intricate details of what went into a perfect cup. But I still was not the best barista out there. On an average day of serving coffee to the locals 25% of my customers brought back their cup of coffee to me, insisting I make it again.

When I moved back to Canada and worked as a barista here, customers raved over the coffee I made. My boss asked me to train other staff to make similar cups of coffee.

One customer, a business man, would come before work in the morning for his usual cup of espresso before rushing off. The first time he tried my coffee, he first drank it quickly. But after finishing it, he asked for another and sat down sipping slowly. This then became his new routine. He realized coffee was something to be enjoyed.

Finding a coffee brewer with the same passion for a delicious cup of coffee is suddenly hard to come by. That’s why a brewer like Soho Brewz is an ideal shop for delicious coffee.

Founder, Keia Jenkins, much like myself, had a love for coffee as a child.

“I have always had a love for coffee since I was a child.( Yup a child!). People always say they need that jolt from coffee, but coffee relaxes me. I love the sweet taste and how it makes me feel.”

Keia Jenkins, Founder of Soho Brewz

Soho Brewz takes you to a place of enjoying coffee as you experience its delicate tones and rich flavor. No more chugging coffee quickly before rushing to the next thing.

It’s time to get a good book, sit infront of your favorite program or gather with friends while savoring a cup of delicious coffee from Soho Brewz.

Soho Brewz has its own distinct taste that sets us apart from other brands of coffee. The roasters did a great job capturing the taste I wanted. There is not one person who has sampled Soho Brewz coffee and not ordered a bag for home.”

– Keia Jenkins, Founder of Soho Brewz

Your next delicious cup of coffee starts with Soho Brewz. Order at

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