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Upscale Thrift Shopping with Elle & Beck

Upscale Thrift Shopping with Elle & Beck

This has happened so many times that I feel at an absolute loss. Completely hopeless!

My friend shows up wearing a top that looks amazing. The fit is perfect. The material is beyond comfortable. It’s also something I haven’t seen in stores, so I ask her, “Where did you get that and where can I get one?!” And she answers proudly like she’s got a personal stylist, “The thrift store!”

When this first started happening to me, I would be in shock. But now I just scowl. I scowl because I’ve been to thrift stores… A handful of times. And I’m sorry to admit I’m one of those few that are terrified to be inside. I hold my breath the moment I enter the doors and beg my husband to hurry up so we can get out immediately.

When I look at items in your average Salvation Army or Value Village, all I see is clutter, dust and faded clothing. So it just doesn’t make sense that my friends have been able to find quality clothing at these stores.

One of my friends loves to find the most expensive items in these large thrift stores. He will spend all day there till he finds a few items worth hundreds more than the sticker price. He even resells them at the price they’re worth!

To this day, I am jealous of my friends who have an eye for quality items at thrift stores but I don’t have the patience to go searching for these rare treasures. That’s why upscale thrift stores like Elle and Beck are the best thrift stores out there.

These stores do the work for you to present only the best in quality that is second hand. Here is founder Leslie Quinn to tell us more about Elle and Beck.

  1. Many associate purchasing from thrift stores as the purchase of worn out clothing- but how is Elle and Beck changing that?

People used to look down upon shopping at thrift stores, thinking that they were only for people who couldn’t afford new clothes and that the clothes were not in the best condition. These views have changed a lot in the past 10 years and second-hand is more mainstream with the launch of such websites as ThredUp and Poshmark, to name a few.

However, these sites have become mass-market and are launching thousands of products a day…and they don’t necessarily take the time and effort to make sure their products are in top condition.

Elle and Beck is giving you more of a boutique shopping experience for thrift shoppers…and taking more of a quality approach over quantity.

  1. How is Elle and Beck different from the average Value Village or Salvation Army?

We don’t have stores; we are just online. Also, unlike Value Village or Salvation Army, we don’t accept everything. We’re selective in what we accept so that we can offer the best possible quality to our customers.

We don’t accept anything lower in price point than J. Crew for women and Gap for kids. We may make exceptions if something is brand new or special and in excellent condition.

We don’t accept discount or lower priced lines so that we can maintain a higher level of quality. We also provide more of a boutique shopping experience, with well-organized assortments.

  1. What kind of shopping experience can customers expect?

Customers can expect a visually appealing and easy-to-shop website with curated and well-merchandised collections. We are working to include photos of labels, all angles of products as well as product measurements.

We are always available via email to answer questions about measurements, fit, provide additional photos, etc. We take the time to inspect items thoroughly, and often clean them ourselves!

We describe items in detail in our copy, including their condition, and point out any flaws, so the customer knows exactly what they will receive.

We steam all of the garments and carefully photograph them. Most other websites seem to rush through this whole process, not describing the items or pointing out flaws. They seem to throw them on the mannequin to shoot as quickly as possible.

We also wrap our items and ship with care, so that the customer opens up a nice package.

  1. What inspired and launched the start of Elle and Beck?

I worked in the fashion business for over 20 years for companies like J. Crew and Talbots. These were great experiences but long hours and time away from my family. I also started to notice how much waste and pollution was created in designing and producing clothing lines.

I read about how discarded clothing in landfills leads to the creation of more greenhouse gases. I needed a change in my life and also wanted to give back in some way. I still loved fashion and so consignment made perfect sense.

I wanted to encourage and help families pass on their once-loved items to other families. I also wanted to help Moms by creating a place where they can shop for high-quality, affordable items for their kids and themselves and to be able to buy brands they might not normally be able to afford.

  1. What are the benefits of shopping at thrift stores?

It’s a win-win to shop for pre-loved items. You can find great item and brands at really affordable prices, including some brands you might not normally be able to afford. You are also helping to sustain a more circular fashion cycle, which in turn is better for the planet!

A quality item awaits you at an affordable price! Shop now at

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