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The Harmful Compromises of Fast Fashion | Luna & Soul Active

The Harmful Compromises of Fast Fashion | Luna & Soul Active

My name is Raja. I’m an ex-fast fashion product developer, a mum, Yoga teacher, animal lover, environmentalist, globe-trotter, sports enthusiast with a weakness for good food, and I am the founder of Luna & Soul Active.

I used to work in the fast fashion industry and started my career in buying. In the beginning, I loved working for fast-fashion retailers because it was cool sourcing and developing products for all these well known US, UK, French, and German brands…but the reality was different. The focus was always on short-term profits and sales but never on the environmental and human costs.

The fast fashion industry dictated what the latest must-have products were. I often worked with retailers and brands who changed their minds about a product at the last minute because another retailer had something they didn’t have or the media told them to do so. 

Everything needed to be produced quickly and cheaply. There was not much time or thought put into finding good quality toxin-free materials. Working ridiculously long hours, over the weekends, and during holidays without additional pay was the norm. Negotiating prices was like being on a battlefield. Sometimes a manufacturer had to accept a price that was not sustainable nor fair. 

The idea of making fashion more ethical without any negative impact on people or the environment was mission impossible in this sort of fast paced environment. This was exhausting and it didn’t feel right. I didn’t want to be part of an industry that was so short-sighted, and I thought there must be a better way. So my urge to create a brand that would put environmental and social aspects first became stronger. 

After over 10 years living in London and working in fast fashion I decided it was time for a change. I quit my job, packed up my things (family included) and travelled to Bali where I decided to do my yoga teaching training.

During this time we often spoke about our fears and dreams, and Luna & Soul Active was one of them. It was here that I gained the courage to follow my dreams and create an eco-friendly brand inspired by the philosophy of Yoga.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we are mindful of our environment and the people that produce our clothes. We care about our environment, animals, plants, people, water, pollution and waste.

We strongly believe beautiful clothes and respecting our environment can go hand in hand.

At Luna & Soul Active we take a simple approach to product design. Our values reflect our love for the planet we live in and drive to protect it for the next generation. The fashion industry has a major impact on our environment and we work hard to reduce this.

We only use natural, eco-friendly, toxin-free, recycled, biodegradable, vegan, and sustainable materials that have no negative impact on the people who make our clothes or our environment.

We are ocean friendly and use natural fibres instead of synthetics to avoid micro-plastic in our oceans. Our cotton is organic, rather than pesticide-intensive cotton and is GOTS certified.

All our colours are toxin-free, natural plant dyed, or dyed to environmentally friendly standards. We minimize waste and give fabric waste a second chance by creating new products. Our organic dye has zero waste as well. 

We love communities. 

We work with family run suppliers to source our materials and produce the finished product, and we pay a fair price. A portion of each of our sales goes to SpinalCure Australia.

We have everything from tops, bras, bottoms, jumpsuits, to yoga accessories and gifts.

Complete your look with our range of mala bracelets. Made with real lavastone, rudrashka seeds and gemstones, each bead exhibits its natural colour. We never dye, paint or alter them. Each piece is handmade by local artisans in Bali.

We encourage a more mindful way of life and most of all, we believe in kindness, always.

Take a look through our products at Luna & Soul Active.

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