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NetherCream – All Natural Creams For Your Nether Regions, With Zero Harmful Ingredients

NetherCream – All Natural Creams For Your Nether Regions, With Zero Harmful Ingredients

By Kyler

NetherCream products are specially formulated creams, meant to be used in the nether regions, under breasts, on feet, and in any place chafing or rubbing might occur.  It is an easy to apply, lightweight moisturizing cream which melts into your skin and improves your skin’s overall appearance and health on contact.  They start with 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and utilize nourishing vitamins and extracts to enhance skin’s moisture levels, elasticity, softness and long-term prospects. 

The products are packed with nourishing fatty acids which help to keep skin cells moist and strong by minimizing water loss and infusing skin with much-desired vitamins and antioxidants which are anti-inflammatory and hydrate sensitive skin. This makes your skin look and feel uber-supple, helping to eliminate itchiness, chafing, odor, dryness and rashes. 

NetherCream is not a lotion. Most lotions contain chemicals which actually dry out your skin with repeated use. These are all natural with no harsh chemicals, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, dyes, colors, alcohols or other harsh drying agents. If they couldn’t pronounce it, they didn’t add it.

There are three available options that vary by thickness. The Glaze which is the texture of a salve, Whipped Cream which is light and airy, and ICING which is like frosting (but not the sticky kind). The Glaze is vegan, Whipped Cream and ICING are vegetarian, and all are Gluten Free. 

Men and women can both find a large list of options for any of their varying ailments.  

I received a whipped cream sample, and a tub of ICING. They even sent a little pack of facial pads! My package also included a letter from the CEO explaining that she created NetherCream when she found she had issues no one had solutions for. Not being a fan of chemicals, and being unhappy with the solutions given by doctors, she created this wonderful product.

Hearing the back story made me really excited to try it out. I immediately opened the jar and slathered some of the icing on my arms, which get very dry this time of year. It felt absolutely amazing! It went on thick and as I spread it out it took on more of an oil texture then very quickly absorbed into my skin leaving my arms feeling SO SOFT.

Throughout the next hour I kept finding myself sniffing my arms randomly because they smelled so good! One thing that really impressed me as I browsed through their website was that they are currently running a contest where you nominate your favorite fire & rescue station.

One lucky Fire & Rescue Station will receive a gift basket of NetherCream products worth over $300! How amazing is that? I would be honoured to support any and all small businesses who are looking to give back, especially during these difficult times for so many.

Head over to NetherCream, and use the code MATURINGMAMA for 15% off any purchase!

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