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Best Life… Is it achievable?

Best Life… Is it achievable?

Describe your best life after losing a loved one…

In one of my favorite Christmas movies, Love At The Christmas Table, the love interests had a game they would play called “Best Life”. The point of the game is to name a circumstance that would clearly cause many hardships. But describe how one could live their best life despite this circumstance.

It’s an interesting idea because in this world everyone has a plan for how their “best life” would work. Within that “best life” layout, it does not include sickness, the loss of a loved one or the loss of finances and security. But then I wonder, what is more encouraging to see, someone making the best despite hard circumstances. Or someone living a good life…

A few weeks ago a few friends and I were discussing life insurance. They concluded that a family needs to have life insurance and that’s that! This is what’s best for your kids and best for your family. To sum it up they were saying: Best Life – Loss of your spouse… They would be able to continue on with their lives, making sure they are not a burden on friends and family.

Now I’d like to offer: Best Life – Loss of spouse without life insurance… I develop an intimate relationship with those in my community of friends and family as I rely on their help to take care of my family. I learn how to not put my value and self worth in my own ability to take care of things myself.

My eyes are open to the real meaning of love as I see others making sacrifices for my family. At a time when I feel depressed and long to be left alone in my sadness, I am instead forced to have friends and family in my home helping me or have them take me into their homes; thereby boosting my feelings of being valued.

Do you know anyone that would not help you after the loss of your spouse? Especially if they knew you had nothing. Do you know anyone that would not say the words, “if you need anything, please let me know!”.

In this world we live in, we try our best to not rely on anyone except ourselves. We refuse to open up and display our need for community. We take pride in our security. But why not take pride in your community. Take pride in your love for one another. Take pride in putting the needs of another first.

So how do I prepare for the worst? I prepare my attitude. I prepare my friendships. I prepare my self worth. It’s not the circumstance that I need to be prepared for… It’s my attitude toward the circumstance.

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