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Healing In Every Cup – Steep & Sip Tea Company

Healing In Every Cup – Steep & Sip Tea Company

A cough, a sneeze, insomnia, a headache… How many of you would grab a cup of tea before going to the medicine cabinet?

The Earth was created with natural medicine for us to consume. Steep & Sip was created with this concept in mind: the provision of improving one’s health and well being with delicious teas made with organic herbs. Here’s Keyera to tell us more:

Drinking tea regularly is important because tea possesses so many health benefits, but more importantly, it is important to drink organic tea so you aren’t consuming pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Many teas including green tea are rich in antioxidants. They help fight infections and viruses and also may help reduce the risk of cancer. So often, many of us rely on over-the-counter medications and prescriptions to heal our ailments but don’t think to utilize the herbs that the Earth provides us.

Tea is natural and you can drink it hot or iced to make it easier to consume on a regular basis while enjoying the many health benefits it has to offer.

Some of the ailments Tea can help include insomnia, depression/anxiety, seasonal allergies, nausea, PMS, common colds, and so much more.

Tea can assist with almost all ailments that people face. For example, Red Raspberry Leaf is a great tea for women that struggle with fertility issues, PMS, and it may even reduce labor time. Teas like Matcha and Oolong help boost your mood and elevate your energy levels. 

Steep & Sip doesn’t only take from the Earth, but they give back as well. We provide sustainable packaging, organic herbs, and reusable cotton muslin bags to help keep the environment strong.

It was very important to my co-founder and I to create a quality product that is environmentally friendly and consumable without chemicals so people feel confident in what they put into their bodies and what they are recycling back into our planet. 

Our favorite tea blend is Allergy Assassin. For years, my co-founder Treveon and I have suffered from seasonal allergies here in Arizona. No matter how often we used over-the-counter medication or nasal sprays, nothing seemed to work in our favor.

We drink 1-2 cups of our Allergy Assassin tea daily to keep symptoms away and it has worked like magic. You would have thought this tea was blessed by a prophet. It is that good! 

One tea we would suggest every Mama ought to drink regularly would be our Dreamer tea.

Sleep and relaxation are something that a lot of moms, especially new moms don’t get to enjoy often. Self-care is so important and we would recommend that moms drink our Dreamer tea so they can relax, relieve some stress, and get some well-deserved rest.

If you fail to take care of yourself first, it can be hard to take care of others. This is why when on an airplane the flight attendant suggests that in the event of an emergency you put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you put it on your children.

We want mothers across the world to take care of themselves, so they can be the best mommies they can be. Our Dreamer tea blend is great for moms because when they get the chance to lay down for a nap or want to sleep for the night, they can fall asleep with ease.   

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