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Marriage & Hollywood – What’s Real & What’s Not

Marriage & Hollywood – What’s Real & What’s Not

We live our lives in a world where everyone is watching. They make assumptions and draw conclusions based on very few pieces of information. We can allow it to rule our lives and define us. Or we can draw contentment in knowing that the truth will only be seen by those in close relationship to us… And they are the only ones that matter.

Maturing Mama Loreili, is the wife of actor Jesse Hutch; who was named Holiday Hottie for romantic leads played within numerous Hallmark movies.

The couple remains un-phased by what the media and surrounding community has to say about the strength of their marriage relationship. Here’s Loreili to shed some light on how they maintain the strength of their relationship;

Jesse and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in 2019. 

Before I met him, he was an actor and is still one today. Jesse has been in the film industry for 20 years. He’s an experienced artist and knows the industry well. His wisdom to actors is to know who you are and what you believe because if you don’t, they will tell you who you are and what to believe. 

One of the main questions I get by friends and strangers regularly is, how do I deal with my  husband kissing on screen. Without having a chance to answer, I’m often interrupted with their opinion about what they would or wouldn’t do. 

In the early years of dating and marriage I struggled to put it into words. I got a lot of pushback and judgement and I needed to figure out where I stood clearly. 

Do I like watching my husband make out on screen. Heck No!

Do I get jealous and insecure, NOPE, not anymore! 

Like any woman or man there are insecurities, fears and jealousy that arise no matter what job you have or who you are. In the early days of getting to know each other I had insecurities but through honesty and communication with Jesse and of course, fervent prayer, we didn’t make it an issue but an opportunity to know each other. 

Jesse chose me and I chose him. I trust him fully. He has never given me a reason not too. I am secure in my faith. I am secure in who I am and I am secure in who he is. 

He’s coming home to me and he loves me. 

Jesse and I don’t follow the crowd or culture easily. Our foundation is in Christ, and that alone sustains us and keeps us steadfast in a changing world of many opinions. 

At the end of the day acting is a job. An actor interprets and plays a character to tell a story. 

A lot comes with this type of job that many don’t see. From long hours, waiting for the next job, auditions, travel away from family, financial struggles with the ups and downs of the industry. We are very blessed to be in the top 15% of actors who make an income in this industry. 

All this being said, I do my best to speak in truth and love when I’m approached with questions as above. Learning to adjust to the curious ones and the ones who don’t understand, I gently remind them, this is our story to tell, not theirs . Our calling is very different and not standard to the average person or family. 

Our life is not determined by other’s comfort. We also don’t expect people to understand anymore. We are all made differently with unique talents and skills. May we use them for good and to glorify God. We are accountable to God and we take that into account. 

With all this being said, if you have it in you, make peace and show kindness whether you want to understand or not. Life is short after all. 

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