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Minimalist Personalizations with Cuti-Pa-Tuti

Minimalist Personalizations with Cuti-Pa-Tuti

Do you remember the 80’s? If you’re a millennial like me, you didn’t live through the 80’s but it was still on TV at the point that we were born. Colors were vibrant with numerous patterns. The senses were overwhelmed with the addition of large shoulder pads and big hair.

Perhaps it was this exhaustion of our senses that has led us to the Minimalist era. It’s like our senses are nursing a hangover and we need silence. It’s therapeutic.

Parents are now drawn to the minimalist style of clothing for their children. With calming colors and simplistic designs. These designs can be better personalized by artists like Tash from Cuti-Pa-Tuti from Australia!

Tash explains her method of design as follows;

“Customers can request anything to be drawn and I will then draw up a version of that in my style. For example I recently got a request for a giraffe on a rainbow. So I get my creative mind to work to bring that idea to life!

The design is scanned into a digital file and then Direct To Garment printed on. Allowing it to be washed and the DTG printing doesn’t leave any sort finish as the inks are in the fibres of the garment. 

I believe the minimalist design allows children or parents to really identify or fall in love with one specific animal or design. Parents also may see it as something different, something they don’t already have in the wardrobe, something unique.”

The Minimalist idea is not about blending in with its subtlety. But rather, it’s about telling a unique story with a message not meant to overwhelm; but to be easily grasped be all.

Cuti-Pa-Tuti puts quality into each design and takes customer service to another level. Your new look starts here at

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