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How To Make Money Blogging Pt. 2

How To Make Money Blogging Pt. 2

And they said not to expect any money until atleast 6-12months of blogging. I started making money in three months and you can too! How did I do it and how much did I make?

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I started out without even seeing a dime from advertising affiliate links on this blog. I was doing the work and I was not getting paid. But two people were… the affiliate program I worked for and the businesses I advertised for.

It was a simple scheme from the Affiliate businesses. Links are no longer “pay per click”. Links are now “pay a small percentage of items purchased within a small time limit” And that was unless you were a very successful blogger with millions of views. They get the pay per clicks.

I quickly learned just three months in that everyone looks after themselves first in the business world. But here I am going to take a risk. I don’t want to only look after myself, my family and my close and personal friends. Every Mama should have the opportunity to monetize their blog. Especially moms that share their hearts and desire to connect and not simply show off their success.

I initially did not want to share how I got to this point. In fact I even considered selling my secrets in a book of some sort. But when I wrote the Pt. 1 of how to make money blogging, I promised I would give an update on how I learned to make money blogging. For your sake and not my own.

The first month I took advertising and promotion into my own hands, I made just under 1k. What did I do differently? I stopped working for affiliate programs and started working for myself.

I connected with Mama’s just like me. Mamas that had a story to tell through their small business and I offered advertising packages. I started out offering at $30. And as my confidence, marketing strategies and creativity grew I figured out how to get these advertising packages to be a worthwhile $200.

Essentially the way to make money blogging is to do the work of the affiliate program yourself. Contact a business! It doesn’t have to be mom owned. It doesn’t have to be a small business. I’ve advertised for large cooperations that simply loved my message of sharing authentic motherhood and struggles with mental illness. When contacting a business you need to remember that the worst they can say is no. Don’t take it personally.

So the best advice I can give to you if you want to start making money blogging is:

  1. Value your self! Do NOT work for free. Do not beg for business. A “no” means your “yes” is right around the corner.
  2. Find your niche! Don’t try to be another successful blogger. Be your own version of a successful blogger. Businesses will get excited about your story and why it’s different.
  3. Do the work! Send emails. Send messages. Make phone calls. Walk into stores and shops. Hand out business cards. Let the world know that you have a service that they want. That’s how I made money!
  4. Admit when you’re overwhelmed and get help. The moment I truly started to enjoy my business was when I got a staff to help take the load off. Many were friends from different time periods of my past. It’s no fun putting all the pressure on yourself. More hands make light work and more fun.

So I made over $10k in my first year of blogging. This was after putting in $140 for my blog platform. This was while making a lot of mistakes. I think the success came from not giving up and not thinking about what others might think.

I have a lot more smaller details I can share with you. I’d be happy to answer questions if you email or message me personally. I do ask that you make a donation to M.M. before I sit with you. The link is at the bottom of the site ☺️

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