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Overcoming Insecurities In Wearing Braces

Overcoming Insecurities In Wearing Braces

Me: “Was this what you expected after we said I do?”
Husband: “I definitely didn’t think I’d be married to a geek”.

I have officially crossed over. There is absolutely no return from this. I am a package deal of the ultimate geek. I have glasses, braces and… An inhaler. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s like my skin suddenly reacted to my essence of geek and broke out in the worst acne I’ve had in years!

How is this possible?! It seems like just yesterday I looked like a wannabe Top Model. I literally dressed myself in anticipation of potentially being stopped in the mall by a scout agent. (No it never happened).

The worst of it all definitely has to be the current state of my smile. I knew my teeth would look a little funny as it twisted and turned into it’s proper position. But after the removal of four teeth (a fun story you can read about here), there’s just far too many gaps, everywhere!

A charcoal mask to help this nerdy situation

I looked at my husband on my last visit to Dream Orthodontics and said, “I can’t wait to get my braces tightened. I look like a donkey!” And he didn’t. say. anything… Wives you know what that means.

Unfortunately it just got worst after the tightening. I’m even getting a major gap within my two front teeth!

Now I have two options here. I can feel embarrassed about my current state and hide away in my room like the awkward teenager I resemble. Or I can rock this geek look!

I need to keep reminding myself that this is what I’ve always wanted. I’ve always wanted braces. I’ve always wanted straight teeth. This is probably the hardest season since getting all those teeth pulled. But I’m just about half way to the end.

And this is actually pretty funny. I mean I can literally compare myself to my kids when they’re teenagers and let them know how their Mama turned geek into chic. I know that if they were in my state, I would just want them to count their blessings.

I have glasses. Yay, I can finally see clearly and without headaches! I have an inhaler. Woohoo, dust allergies you have no hold on me! I have zits. I’m almost 30 and I look like I’m 16!!! Fountain of youth right here! I have messy teeth with braces on… With. Braces. On!!!! I have teeth that will be in perfect alignment very soon! And I’m totally rocking these pink rubber bands.

Sometimes you just need to make the best out of awkward seasons. These fashion forward braces are brought to you by Dream Orthodontics. The go to place for friendly and caring orthodontic expertise. If you’re in the British Columbia area get your free consultation!

Psst, did you know braces aren’t just for teens anymore? Take your kids (as young as five) in for a free consultation that can prepare their smiles for a bright future!

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