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The Only Bag You Will Ever Need – Eccolucci Designs

The Only Bag You Will Ever Need – Eccolucci Designs

“My dream is to add more organic products to the world and make our environment as safe as possible. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides. This makes a huge impact on our oxygen” – Veronika from Eco Lucci

Today I looked into my closet and found I could not tell what anything was anymore. Things we’re so piled together. Among the pile I found numerous hand bags. Most of them were totes. Of course because as a mom you either have a baby bag or you have a tote.

Looking at these totes, I knew they were such a waste. A waste of space in my closet. A waste of money because they’re not being used. Many of them were one particular fashion statement that isn’t quite me right now.

Upon looking through different closets and cupboards in my house and evaluating our use of space, I found yet again more totes. These were our grocery totes. Ugly looking advertising products. I can’t even believe we paid for these bags at the grocery store. And still we never remember to bring them with us. In all honesty they’re so ugly, I don’t usually give them a second glance.

Veronika of Eco Lucci gives us a tote that’s eco-friendly and fashionable. The type of bags that makes you feel good when wearing them. Not just because they look good, but especially because it is made of organic cotton.

This bag is not stuffed into a closet or hidden amongst my clothes. My husband is quick to grab it when tidying around the house. He uses it to combine toys to take to the toy box and books to the book shelf. My kids fight over this bag to use it as a shopping bag when playing. The baby will even just put it on her shoulder and leave it there like a shawl.

A tote is a multifunctional bag that ought to be used to its fullest potential without fear of it breaking. Veronika comes from a family of tailors and has worked with some of London’s high end wedding dress shops.

We’ve been using her tote around the house and I’ve been taking it with me when going out. This bag can hold up to anything while looking good. A tote can play many roles in your life. Are you taking full advantage?

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