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A Straight Forward Answer On How To Make Money Blogging

A Straight Forward Answer On How To Make Money Blogging

So I’m writing this especially because I’m on the journey of figuring this all out myself and have had a lot of mom friends anxious about starting their own blogs because they are confused about these steps.

In this blog post I will be presenting you with affiliate links. Should you choose to click on them and purchase said product this will be at no additional cost to you.

Honestly, especially as a stay-at-home mom, there’s no loss to starting a blog. But so much to gain! You can make connections with other bloggers and gain a very encouraging community all from your computer screen. As well you will be encouraging those out there that are on a similar journey as you that might feel alone. So if it’s something you’re even considering, click the banner below.

Siteground is the domain that I use for my website. You can create your own website name ending in “.com” and they have many easy to use features and an on-call support network, making the process of starting a blog with a beautiful website very easy.

So, can you make money blogging? Yes! As for how long that takes and how much work you have to put in… that’s a whole other story. It’s basically a series of equations that all add up to the amount you get. And if a single portion of the equation is off that amount will be $0.00!

So I am completely going on my own experience and I will do my best to be as straight forward and transparent as possible.

My reason for doing this particular blog post is that I’ve done my share of research on bloggers who have made lots of money from blogging. And of course I want to find out how! But guess what… they want me to pay over $100 to find out that secret.

I don’t even know that I can trust these people and the figures they are showing that they’ve made but they want me to throw my small amount of money at them and believe that in doing so I’ll some how earn thousands of dollars after wards. (Good for you if you’re in such a position to do this).

So in order to be as transparent as possible and help out all you moms out there that are interested in starting a blog, I will tell you exactly how much I’ve made to date.

So I started my blog on December 17th, 2018. On December 18th, I started putting ads on my blog. It’s now January 14th, 2019 and I have made… $0.66! Woot woot!!!

Now a helpful tip I’ve gotten from most successful bloggers is that the average successful blog will not see income until 6months to 1 year after starting. So I’ll be sure to update you a few months from now. However there’s another helpful tip I’ve received as well from many bloggers:

The worst decision anyone can make when considering creating a blog for income is not starting at all!

And I agree! Especially because everyone ought to be doing a blog firstly because they are passionate about writing and connecting with others through common interests.

If you’re looking to start a blog solely to get income… well most have said that these bloggers are quickly discouraged and give up in less than a month on average.

So as for my sources of potential income from blogging, I have three:

  • Google Adsense
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Amazon Affiliate

Google Adsense

Let’s start with how Google Adsense works. Basically start by looking it up in google search. You log in with your gmail account. You MUST have a blog already started before signing up. Google Adsense takes a few days to look up your blog to be sure it’s one that they feel comfortable putting their ads on. Like I said before, this is a great place to start,

Now, Google Adsense is beneficial because they do all the work for you. You simply have to put a link on the page you want there to be ads. Upon doing so Google Adsense will place ads strategically where they think is best. They will even by pass ads that you’ve placed yourself to be sure your post isn’t just a page full of ads.

The unfortunate con to this benefit is that Google Adsense places ads on your page based on what they believe the content of your page is about. As well as based on the search history of the user on your site. I don’t like this because if I mention “spirituality” in my blog post, there’s suddenly ads about Buddhism, Horoscopes and Palm Readings. Those are things I’m not about, so I actually don’t want it on my site.

Also if your search history has been on “inappropriate” content then suddenly you believe that I’m pushing this inappropriate content on you because you’re seeing ads about that.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is an affiliate site which connects bloggers, (and any other site out there infact), with businesses that are looking for the right website to present their ads.

See Also

Again you do need to already have your blog site up and running for these businesses to consider doing business with you,

The tricky part about this is that all of the businesses I’ve joined only pay out based on commission. Meaning I have to get readers to buy their products in order to make money. This is so hard when their product is something expensive or something I have no idea how to sell.

I’m sure you’ve seen there are ads on my blog currently that are just there. They are literally just sitting on the page in hopes that some random user on my site will go, “OH I’ve been looking for something like that!” and click on the link.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate seems to have potential. Firstly because they have so many product links to place on your blog that you will always be able to find something relative. Not to mention, who doesn’t already shop on Amazon anyway? So it’s not difficult to promote their product.

While researching how they work I found some information stating that Amazon Affiliate uses cookies to allow the blogger 24hrs of making money from someone that clicked on their Amazon link. So basically if a user has clicked on my Amazon link and don’t buy anything right away, they then have 24hrs after ward to go onto Amazon and buy something that will then go into my pay.

Amazon Affiliate however pays commission of a different percentage per category of product sold. So there is no set amount you will be making UNLESS, you get users to signup for a trial or commit to a subscription package. After doing so it looks like the blogger then gets a set percentage on all product sold that raises based on the number of users applying for subscriptions.

By the way, have you considered a free trial of…

Anyway… this is everything based on my knowledge and experience. So if there’s anything that doesn’t make sense still please do your own research or just go onto the site and give it a try! I just feel like there’s no loss to it because creating a blog is so inexpensive. And if you think it is expensive to pay $4/month, then just cut out one Starbucks a month… I know you totally buy Starbucks more than that though 😉

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