Hi! My name is Kimberly Brown, but you can call me Kim. Originally from Louisiana, almost towards the very bottom.  I am the only child to my wonderful parents Kim and Curtis and a single mother to my son Elijah Gabriel (1).

I started writing at a young age as an outlet, but my story began to change once I had my son. I wanted to start sharing my story in the eyes of a young single mother. I want to share that single motherhood has its good, bad, and ugly and that’s okay! I believe it is very important for young or single mothers to see that they are not alone.

Before and after the birth of my son, I was in a mentally abusive relationship. I realized that mental abuse is not talked about as much as physical abuse or any other abuse. I want to use my story and my voice to help change the narrative surrounding mental abuse. 

My parenting style is honesty. I believe in being honest with yourself, your kids, and the people around you. Being a mom is not easy, even though it seems that way on social media. Being a parent is very rewarding, but it does come with its challenges. My parenting goal is to make sure that Eli never feels like he is missing out on something or someone. As long as he feels loved, I would say we’re doing great!