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Sleep Better with Kapok Pillows – White Lotus Home

Sleep Better with Kapok Pillows – White Lotus Home

My husband and I had the opportunity to toss out our generic pillows and instead sleep on the Kapok pillows from White Lotus Home. I imagined what I was getting would be a pillow similar to the quality of a five star hotel style pillow. But what I didn’t realize was how drastically my sleep would change. 

I’m used to tossing around at night. I have severe scoliosis with a 60 degree curve. So this is just a part of life for me. I’m always uncomfortable in bed. I never imagined I could lay my head on a pillow, close my eyes and open them to the sunrise. 

The pillows I’ve used in the past were stiff. But the Kapok pillow hugs at the curves of my head and neck. I initially thought I’d need to remove some of the material within the pillow, (Kapok pillow has easy access with a zipper for this reason), however I forgot to and was pleasantly surprised at how the material did not bundle into a brick like texture. 

This is thanks to the unique cotton like material within the pillow, called kapok. It is naturally harvested from the Ceiba tree, which is grown in rain forests all over the world! The kapok White Lotus Home has been currently using for over 10 years comes from Indonesia. Kapok feels soft enough to melt away as I rub it between my fingers- but of course, it doesn’t. 

My husband expressed a similar sleeping experience with his Kapok pillow. He was concerned that sleeping on his tummy with the pillow would not be comfortable because of its thickness. But the moment he laid down he announced, “Oh, never mind! That’s really comfortable!” In just a few seconds, he was snoring. 

My quality of sleep has changed drastically even with the very few hours I get as a mother. I’ve felt more energized. I would never have imagined that outcome. The Kapok pillow is one I would recommend to parents everywhere!

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