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The Mama’s Perspective – Is Homeschooling For Me?

The Mama’s Perspective – Is Homeschooling For Me?

Here’s your opportunity to learn more about the parenting styles of each Maturing Mama. No Mama is exactly the same in her parenting skills. This is our opportunity to highlight our differences in parenting in a means to help you find a method that works for you.

Today’s Question:

Homeschooling; is it best for you? Why or why not?


Homeschooling is a great concept for many families but I do not believe it would work well for our family. The school system prepares our children for the working field they will become a part of in their future. They are expected to be at a place, ready to learn at a certain time 5 days per week. They understand that they have to get up and get ready to be at school in a timely manner just as they will have to do in their future with a job.

In addition, I think going to school is great for socialization. My children look forward to going to school each day to see their teachers and friends. They love being a part of km club and their school sports teams. I believe my children from going to school they are equipt to engage with all different personality types and not just ones they choose to surround them selves with.

I do however believe the one on one aspect of homeschooling is great. As such I incorporate that same concept into my child’s life by providing individual support and guidance with homework on a daily basis.
Factors of wether to home school or not is dependent on a basis of what works for you and each child in your family.


Homeschooling for the past 13 years has been 100% the absolute best for my family.
We have always enjoyed the flexibility of our days, not having to conform to any set schedule. We are able to get our schooling done on our own time and spend our days as we choose.

Having the ability to personalize the learning for each one of my children is everything. I can figure out which learning style works best for them and find programs and curriculum within those pyrameters

We have also been blessed with the most incredible homeschool community. We have park days twice a week as well numerous field trips every month. We have done some of the coolest stuff! We get to go out and learn hands on and up close. I am learning daily with my kids and I love that!

One of the most common questions homeschoolers are asked is about socialization. Let me tell you, my kids are OVER socialized! They have so many friends they get to see sometimes daily. And when they do get to see them, they are not having to sit at a desk and sneak notes to each other because they are supposed to be paying attention to something. They get to actually socialize when they are together!

Another social aspect I adore is that they are not aware of what age or grade their friends are. They just meet and talk and hang out together with kids of all different ages, which also makes them less intimidated to communicate with adults. I believe this is going to be such a bonus life skill as they get older.

We are also really thankful for all the extra time together that we have. We are a very close family unit and I believe a big reason for that is the fact that we do literally everything together. The years are flying by and not too far in the future my boys will be venturing out on their own and creating a life for themselves, and we will forever have these memories of the years we were always together going out on adventures.

I know homeschooling does not work for everyone, but for us it is perfect.


Homeschooling is something I’ve thought quite a bit about, especially for the past few months since my oldest daughter will be starting school next year. I love the flexibility it would give our family, and that I could give her all the help she needs in whichever subjects she may struggle with. But I don’t think homeschooling is the best choice for our family.

First of all, I’m not a teacher. I didn’t love school myself, and being responsible for someone else’s entire education would be too much for me. Also, I think the socialization that happens in school is as important as the other kinds of learning, and that wouldn’t happen – at least not nearly as much – if I homeschooled. Finally, I need a break! Not only will elementary school mean some “down time” for me (because after taking care of 2, 1 kid feels like a vacation), it will allow me to get things done during the day so my evenings are not taken over with prep for the next day.

So… is it time for kindergarten yet?


My mom is an elementary school teacher. Growing up, she always highlighted the importance of public school in comparison to home school.

She highlighted the importance of learning how to deal with bullies or teachers that are unfair when grading a paper. Yet my reason for choosing not to homeschool has little to do with her values.

At church I had a few friends that were homeschooled. One in particular didn’t understand the act of being inclusive. An inclusive nature, I believe is learned within school because you have no choice but to sit beside someone you may not like or relate to. You are put in groups to do assignments with many different types of people. You learn to work together and to forgive offensive ideas and behaviors that are culture or personality based.

This particular friend of mine that was homeschooled had times she invited all our mutual friends over for an event and would blatantly say she didn’t want me to come. Very matter of fact in nature. She wouldn’t explain herself or work with me to understand what I perhaps may have done to offend her. Yet, our mutual friends would be inclusive of involving us both in gatherings. They themselves had no real understanding of why she would exclude me.

I felt I could only blame her behavior on the fact that she was homeschooled as I’ve experienced similar perspectives of exclusive behavior from other homeschooled friends. Even those who are adults.

In light of this, I would much rather my children be surrounded by many different types of people and learn to get along and work together in a daily setting like school.

There’s also the aspect of following and respecting the authority of someone that is not their parent or relative. Someone that does not share the same values or ideas. I want my kids to hear from their teacher that they believe in abortion or evolution and know that they can still respect their teacher’s authority and follow their leadership despite the difference in beliefs.


Homeschooling, definitely not for me. As bad as this sounds I do not have the patience to be the best mum I could be to my child if I was not “getting that break from them” whilst they’re at school/nursery.

I also believe standard schooling is better for socialising than homeschooling. They may not get the same opportunities to learn to make friends and how to cooperate in groups etc.

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