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Treat Your Skin With Deelicious Scrubs & More

Treat Your Skin With Deelicious Scrubs & More

Can you guess which is your body’s largest organ?

If you guessed the heart, the brain, the liver, or the small intestine (which can stretch to nearly 20 feet, by the way) — well, you’d be wrong. The correct answer?

Your skin.

Who knew, right? That amazing stuff that covers you from head to toe protects your insides from the elements, and plays a crucial role not only in regulating your body’s temperature, but also in excreting your body’s waste. So why would you want to put waste *into* it?  

Deauhijela Jackson started Deelicious Scrubs & More with the goal of clean cosmetics in mind, and has never looked back: 
“When I was a cosmetics manager, I noticed that skin products packed with synthetic chemicals harmed more than healed. In nursing school, I also learned that whatever you put onto your skin enters your bloodstream within 30 seconds. So I decided to combine the two approaches that made sense: live a clean, healthy lifestyle myself, and start a brand that reflects my love for chemistry and healthy living. It was important for me to have all natural, GMO and paraben-free ingredients, because the skin is the biggest organ of the body. It’s very crucial that my line is very natural and as clean as possible. 

I also noticed that there were not a lot of affordable products. So I wanted to create a line that catered to the ‘broke college student’, as well as all ranges of income. 

I wanted my line to be made with love, and with firsthand knowledge of my customers’ needs. I take every suggestion, request, and inquiry into consideration. I never want to just throw a product out because I think it’s great: I want my customers to play an interactive and key role in what is made. 

One example of a product that both we and our customers love is the Honey and Aloe Vera facewash. We use local raw honey, and those two ingredients together work WONDERS for dry and oily skin alike. You see a major difference in your skin when you switch from products containing medications and harsh chemicals, to a natural and organic formula.” 
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