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How to Sleep Like You’re On Vacay – The Kapok Sleep Pillow

How to Sleep Like You’re On Vacay – The Kapok Sleep Pillow

The best sleep I have is always at a hotel suite. It’s why when planning a family trip I beg my husband to stay at a hotel before opting for camping- (camping means sleeping on the dirt ground). 

I often wondered if the reason I get a good night’s sleep is because of the thrill of being in a high class accomodation, it couldn’t simply be the bedding… It was soon I realized it was. 

I questioned if the bedding was simply high priced and this was it’s cause for being of supreme comfort. That was until my husband and I received expensive memory foam pillows one Christmas from family members. We saw the receipt- they were very pricey. They were also very uncomfortable. How was that possible?! High price should equal high quality… Right? But there was no feeling of floating on a cloud. It was more like lying on a rock.

On our recent hotel stay I finally found out why these hotel pillows are the most comfortable I’ve experienced and a rare find. I practically tore the pillow apart to find out… They are down filled. That’s goose/duck feathers. An insulation many have taken a big step away from because of its cruelty towards animals. 

My disappointment sent me on a search for pillows with insulation comparable to down but vegan in nature. Even better if I can find material that’s organic rather than synthetic. Because of course biodegradable is key for preserving the planet for my kids.

Introducing Kapok Sleep Pillows from White Lotus Home. These pillows are made with the comfort of down filled pillows. They are however made from the sustainable fiber of the Ceiba Tree located in Central America. 

This material is not taken from the tree by machinery but instead it is picked up after it’s fallen off of the tree. What a phenomenal use of our natural resources! 

The Kapok Sleep Pillow is highly rated by customers for it’s similarity in comfort to the down filled pillow. It is made in a customizable fashion so the customer can adjust it’s firmness to suit. A comfortable sleep does not have to come at the expense of an animal or the planet. So you can rest easy and comfortably knowing that you’ve made the best choice for everyone. Click Here to shop!

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