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The Importance of Sweating Armpits – Simply Tiff’s

The Importance of Sweating Armpits – Simply Tiff’s

At the age of six I believed “thou shalt not stink” was a part of the ten commandments. My mom sat me down and spoke to me with the same intensity as discussing why we don’t have sex before marriage.

My sisters and I matured quicker than most girls. We had to start using deodorant before we got our periods. That’s a very long time to be smearing antiperspirants under armpits. After so many years of collecting layers of chemicals within the skin of my armpits, I was immune to the effects of natural deodorant.

The one time I tried it, I sweat profusely and smelt worst than the baby’s diaper jeanie. I believed natural deodorant was a waste of time. So much so that the one girl in my university class that proudly proclaimed she wore natural deodorant, got made fun of… By me.

She also didn’t wear bras and everyone found that one out during her oral presentation in history class. So she wasn’t exactly an ideal spokes person.

Now that I’m a mom, I’m sensitive to products with too much chemical, as I’ve noticed the harsh effects on my children’s delicate skin. I’ve always wondered about natural deodorant and if there was one that could possibly work on my impenetrable armpits.

I’m so happy to have found Simply Tiff’s. A natural skin care line made by Tiffany herself. Tiffany has a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and minor in Biology, where she spent a lot of time in research and development laboratories. After college Tiffany pursued a corporate career, and after becoming a stay-at-home mom, the passion she had in her college days found its way back to the surface.

Simply Tiff’s was born from Tiffany’s own need for a clean, efficient, and natural product. Eventually her friends started requesting solutions to the hiccups in life and the rest is history.

Tiffany explains why natural deodorant is best for our sweaty armpits and how to start the process of transition from drug store antiperspirants:

“The switchover from antiperspirant to natural deodorant can be unpleasant sometimes. But if you detox your armpits it is much better.

You can use Simply Tiff’s Charcoal Face Mask to detox by painting on a thin layer on your armpits. Let it sit for 15-20mins and wash off with a soap and rag.

Now the reason for switching to natural deodorant and dropping the antiperspirant is because your body sweats to cool and rid itself of toxins.

You have a large cluster of lymph nodes under your armpits. When you are sick, these lymph nodes swell up; fighting viruses and bacteria. Think of your neck when you have a sore throat- the doctor feels for the lymph nodes to see how swollen they are on the exam.

Having only deodorant allows your body to sweat and rid itself of viruses and bacteria. Now in the switchover timeframe (1-2weeks) you will probably sweat more than you would like to. However the longer you use only deodorant, your body acclimates and you will sweat less, but you won’t block your armpits from sweating if necessary for your body’s health.”

The switch over might be unpleasant now but I’m happy to have my body working as it should to keep me healthy. You can shop for natural products that benefit your body at Simply Tiff’s by Clicking Here!

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