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Home Decor With Personality – Serving Snark Shop

Home Decor With Personality – Serving Snark Shop

Before moving out of my mom’s house, I had all these creative ideas for how I would decorate my home. But. then. came. kids. 

I quickly realized that every idea I had for decor in my home was destructive for my kids. Even in an attempt to keep decor away from tempted little hands, these kids have managed what can only be described as “organized crime”. They may not play well together, but put a unique item just out of reach for them and they will work together stacking objects to reach it. 

Ideally I would love to have items that can be in reach of the kids but not destructive for them. Add to that a pop of personality with a quirky design. 

A serving tray is something I never imagined I’d have in my own home. It’s far to mature for an adult child such as myself. My mom has serving trays that are crystal… It wouldn’t last five minutes in my home. But a tray is such a multifunctional piece of decor. It is not unnecessary clutter. 

Serving Snark has custom made serving trays that are sturdy, functional AND fun! Large enough to carry numerous tea cups and dishes. Made of a thick acrylic that takes away the fear of it shattering if grabbed by little hands. 

These trays light up a room with it’s bold fonts and colors. My choice of the words “It’s ok if you don’t like me, not everyone has good taste” is a great reminder to love yourself no matter what others may say. I had to get two of these trays so I can have one on the dining room table and another on the small kitchen table. 

Creator and designer Chantal admits she never uses her trays for serving.  She defines her trays as being used as “crap buckets” on her home’s stairs.  

“One holds books and one holds small toys and pencils so our kitten won’t roll them down the stairs as nauseum.”

– Chantal

Parents with young kids still deserve a beautifully decorative home. Have you found your home’s unique and functional decor item? Click Here to shop at Serving Snark!

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