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My Love For Coffee Is So Great, I’ll Even Shower In It – George & Co. Coffee Scrub

My Love For Coffee Is So Great, I’ll Even Shower In It – George & Co. Coffee Scrub

Please excuse me as I rearrange my life to revolve around time spent taking showers with George & Co. Coffee Scrub. 

This could not have come at a better time as I am doing my best to stay away from drinking coffee. I know, what am I thinking? But it turns out I’m better focused with less of the jitters. And to be completely honest, I love coffee like I love wine. Not for the after effect, but for the moment. 

So to have this experience of coffee grounds rubbed all over my body with it’s combination of essential oils, vitamin E and coconut oil… I was in heaven. This is the experience of George & Co. Coffee Scrub. Named after creator Rosalie’s late grandfather. She honors her grandfather George with a ‘female spin’ on a Hungarian tradition to name every male in the family George.

The smell of George & Co. enveloped within the hot water’s steam is an experience on its own. There are days I make a pot of coffee just for the smell that fills the house. It calms me down even more than drinking a cup of coffee would. So being in a hot steamy shower with this smell misting all around me, had me floating on cloud nine. 

Now I love a good scrub. My skin seems to always be in need of a good scrub. Because of the melanin in my skin, it’s thicker than most light skinned people. I feel like that adds to the appearance of scars and stretch marks. They get thick! Not to mention the color difference from my complexion is so drastic. 

This Coffee Scrub is a combination of ingredients designed to diminish the appearance of scars and stretch marks. I saw a difference right away. My husband even saw a difference. (And you know men often don’t notice these things). 

My stretch marks usually stick out like it’s a whole other layer of skin. After getting out of the shower not only did the size decrease, but the color faded. My stretch marks are still there, but they’re less obvious. I’m so excited to keep using this product to get an added affect. 

My feet were hugely benefited as well. They’ve started to go in the direction of my mom and aunts feet do. They’ve developed calusses and corns. I have no idea where this could come from other than genetics. 

Rubbing this coffee scrub on my feet seemed to get rid of a layer of dead skin. My feet feel softer and look much more attractive than they previously did. 
My next task will be to soak in a bath after rubbing this Coffee Scrub on myself. That way I can soak in all of it’s moisturizing qualities. 

Georgia & Co. Coffee Scrubs are made fresh to order. So you are guaranteed the purest of ingredients in every batch. You’ll also be giving back with every purchase, as a portion goes to the Heart & Stroke Foundation in memory of Rosalie’s grandfather George who had passed away earlier this year due to a stroke. Click Here to shop!

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