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Bohemian Dresses Made To Last – Elena Golovina Dresses

Bohemian Dresses Made To Last – Elena Golovina Dresses

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With the minimalist trend growing in popularity, there is the desire for items that last long enough to limit the need to shop. One common item guilty of maxing out our credit cards are our clothes. 

Clothes today are made as a fashion statement solely for one season. It is not made to last or with stand all types of weather. However this was not always the case. Here is Elena from Dress Embroidered to share her dresses that take a page from cultures of centuries past.

These dresses are not a fashion statement. They are not “in” one season and “out” the next. This style of fashion is about heart. It’s a way of thinking; inspired by the Medieval era and Slavic culture. These are modest styles; an abundance of refined details and hand embroidery. It is very similar in trend to the Victorian and Edwardian styles. Quality is its mantra.

Whether you wear it on a daily basis or use it for special occasions (such as ethnic or medieval festivals), you will arrive in style. These dresses are known to regulate body temperature, as it is made exclusively of natural fibres and with the use of traditional crafting techniques. The material will keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. There is the option for cotton lining that adds another level of comfort.  

These dresses are the essence of unique quality. They are not easily found in local shops because they are made to outlast mainstream clothing. 

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