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Innovation Meets Fashion with Bubble & Pop Baby Bags

Innovation Meets Fashion with Bubble & Pop Baby Bags

Your baby bag goes literally EVERYWHERE with you, so you really have to love it, and love how it makes you feel.”

Mompreneur Jude from Bubble & Pop

When you become a mother, you find yourself in a whole new world, speaking a language that only other parents understand. Suddenly, things that you never had to consider before you had kids become mission-critical to your sanity! 

The simplest of things — like leaving the house — can become such an ordeal, especially in those early days. With this in mind, when buying baby products, it helps to know that they’ve been designed by someone who gets it. Someone who understands the realities of looking after tiny human beings and has thought about how to solve the problems that seem to come up again and again. 

Your baby bag is one item that has to be really well thought out. An organised bag packed with all the much-needed essentials can be the difference between a relaxing day out and a stressful day that leaves you feeling in a frazzled heap at the end of it. Bubble & Pop baby bags are designed to help you stay sane – and leave the house on time! They take functionality to another level, with designs that light up your outfit.  

Jude from Bubble & Pop understands the importance of a well thought out baby bag, here she is to tell us more:

‘The most important feature for a baby bag, without a doubt, is the ‘system!’ says Jude. ‘There is nothing worse than having a ‘poop emergency’ when you’re out and about and having to rummage through your bag to find everything you need to deal with it. You need wipes, nappies, and nappy sacks, STAT — and you need to know where they are immediately.’

‘Our labelled pockets are immensely helpful in situations like this. I remember being in the baby-changing room in Gatwick airport, feeding my six-week-old baby, when a couple knocked and asked if they could come in and deal with a poop explosion. (All mums and dads will know the kind I mean!) Mum was trying to get baby out of his clothes without making even more of a mess, and Dad was getting in a right stew because he couldn’t find anything.’

‘You need a Bubble & Pop bag,’ I thought to myself.

‘This unique pocket-labelling system really sets us apart from other baby bag brands. I had spectacular ‘baby brain’ when my first little boy, Ollie, was born, and was always leaving the house without basics like nappies (I know – who forgets nappies?). I needed visual cues inside the bag that would alert me to the fact that the nappies were missing!’

‘With our system, you can set your bag up just the way you like it and to suit your baby’s particular needs — so that when you’re rushing to get out the door, a quick look inside the bag will tell you whether or not you have everything. It’s super simple, but so effective, and we’ve designed 12 different labels to suit the different stages from newborn to toddler.’

‘Like a lot of entrepreneurs, we designed a product that we really wanted for ourselves. I saw a gap in the market for a range of really colourful, fun, and funky baby bags, and my husband came up with the design for functionality. Rach (my cousin, best friend and business partner) then came on board and brought some much-needed order to the proceedings, as well as a great eye for detail and a quirky sense of style. We make a great team!’

‘Your baby bag goes literally EVERYWHERE with you, so you really have to love it, and love how it makes you feel. Think about your favourite handbag, for example: it makes you feel special, and puts an extra little spring in your step when you’re wearing it. I wanted to feel that way about my baby bag — especially on the days when I was so tired, my steps were completely devoid of spring!’

‘At the moment, we ship primarily to the UK and mainland Europe. But we can ship further afield if someone from outside Europe really falls in love with our designs. Just pop an email to , and we can work something out in terms of delivery.’

Have you found a baby bag that suites your style? It’s time to add your personal fashion statement to motherhood. Click here to shop!

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