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Reducing Our Waste – By Sarah from Sew Happy

Reducing Our Waste – By Sarah from Sew Happy

The UN recently reported that we have 12 years to combat Global Warming and avoid potentially irreversible climate change. We have become so complacent, and live in a world where convenience is the ultimate necessity. It terrifies me to think of what will happen if we don’t start to make changes.

My family have always been big recyclers. But when the stories came out showing how much of what you think you are recycling, is actually ending up in the land fills and oceans, that was a big eye opener. That’s when you realize that reducing your use of plastics is much more important than just recycling them.

One day I saw someone in the local produce store using homemade mesh bags, and that was the moment that I started to really look at how we use single use plastics. My family are far from a zero waste lifestyle, but we are now much more aware of packaging and disposables that we are consuming.

I think people are slowly becoming aware of the problem, and how big it is. Now we just need to introduce them to alternatives. Reducing your use of plastics is what will make the biggest difference to preserving the environment. Any time you choose something that is reusable, there is one less item ending up in the landfill. My products give people options to use instead of disposable single use plastic.

I feel that the biggest way to educate people is through setting an example. Every time I am buying groceries and using my produce bags, I will have at least one person comment on what a great idea they are. I get many comments such as ‘that is so smart’, or ‘I hadn’t even considered that’ when people are looking at my items. We have become so reliant on disposable items in our lifestyle, that many people do not even consider alternatives. I hope to change that!

Personally I have signed a petition to ban single use plastics in Edmonton. I plan to have this petition available at my markets for the public to sign.

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