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Lavish Personalizations

Lavish Personalizations

With everyday products becoming commonly used and unique qualities fading away, the desire for custom made products are increasing. 
The desire to fit in has been exchanged for the desire to stand out. One such company promoting individuality is Lavish Personalizations. Here is creator Rochelle here to tell us more.

My name is Rochelle and I am the owner and creative inspiration behind Lavish Personalizations. I am a full time working mom and businesswoman. I have a love and passion for innovative and inventive designs. While I have not been in business long, I enjoy putting smiles on people’s faces, by bringing their personalized creations to life.

I am delighted to be working alongside Maturing Mama to promote my business Lavish Personalizations.

Lavish Personalizations is a company that specializes in personalizing your favorite items with fun and creative sayings that will surely put a smile on your face! We offer customized coffee cups, acrylic tumblers, baby onesies, t-shirts and cake toppers, just to name a few!

This business for me, is more than just putting out a product. What started out as something modest; personalizing items for friends, family and doing party favors for small-scaled events, ended up turning into something much more meaningful and valuable.

Sharing my creativity with others and making their dreams a reality, felt more like a passion than a job. I quickly realized that I was blessed with the opportunity and ability to do something that I absolutely love!  

As the famous saying goes from Dr. Maya Angelou, “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them well so people can’t take their eyes off of you.” …in this case my product.  Creating items that not only grabs your attention but makes you smile is the goal and motivation behind Lavish Personalizations.

Thank you for taking the time out to learn about my business and me, I highly encourage you to stop by my Instagram page for additional information regarding pricing and of course…PHOTOS!

Click our username at the bottom to shop! And use discount code Purple2229!
Instagram Page: @lavish_personalizations

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